Programme Structure and Curriculum
Course Code Course Title No. of credits
Year 1
Semester 1 and 2
ENGLE101F Effective Use of English I 5
ENGLE102F Effective Use of English II 5
ITE150F Information Technology for Learning 5
EDUE100F Learning and Teaching in a School Context 5
ENGLA211F The Structure of Modern English: Words and Sentences 5
ENGLA221F The Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Meaning 5
Elective Courses    10
Semester 3 (summer term)
EDUE210F Curriculum Theory, Design and Assessment 10
EDUE252F Educational Psychology 10
Year 2
ENGLE200F English for Effective Communication II: Reading and Writing 5
ENGLE210F English for Effective Communication II: Listening and Speaking 5
ENGLE320F English Grammar in Context 10
LANGA338F Semantics 5
LANGA339F Pragmatics 5
LANGA333F Introduction to Sociolinguistics 5
LANGA343F Sociolinguistic Issues in Hong Kong 5
Year 3
Semesters 1 and 2
ENGLE371F The English Language: Past, Present and Future 20
EDUE365F Teaching English in Schools 10
EDUE400F Skills in Teaching English 10
EDUE350F Information Technology for Teaching 5
Semester 3 (summer term)
EDUE315F Inclusive Education 5
EDUE220F Education and Society 5
ENGLE205F Preparing for IELTS 5
Year 4
Semesters 1 and 2
ENGLE300F The Art of English 20
LANGA335F Discourse Analysis 5
ENGLE366F Drama as a Communicative Art 5
EDUE472F Professional Issues for School Teachers 10

Modified Date: May 10, 2013