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Paper and Conference Presentations
  1. Dr. Danny Leung presented a paper on ‘Language, Body and Mind: Exploring the Metaphoric and Metonymic Motivation in English and Cantonese Body-part Idioms’ at the Third International Conference on Language, Literature & Society 2016 (LLS 2016) in Bangkok on 18 January 2016. 
  2. Dr. Polly Lao presented a paper entitled " MtEceK - A Project to Investigate Teacher Knowledge of Early Childhood Teachers in Hong Kong” at the 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE–2016) in USA on 21 - 25 March 2016.
  3. Dr. Danny Leung presented a paper on ‘Divergence and Convergence for Teaching and Learning English Idioms: A Cross-linguistic, Cognitive-linguistic Approach’ at the Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL2016) in Kobe, Japan, on April 30 2016. 
  4. Lee, W.O. (2016). 21世紀技能的德育啟示. Invited keynote speech presented at the 全國德育學術委員會2016年學術年會, organised by the National Moral Education Committee, hosted by Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan, 14-15 May 2016.
  5. Lee, W.O. (2016) Spirituality and Socio-emotional Learning as Social Capital Attributes of 21st Century Competences. Invited speech presented at the International Symposium of Whole Person Education Citizen & Philosophical Perspectives hosted by Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 1 Jun 2016.
  6. Dr. Chan Chi Wai was invited to serve as the Keynote Speaker of the Hong Kong International Conference on Social Sciences 2016 and delivered a speech on “Education, Information Technology, and Skills” on 9 Jun 2016.
  7. Dr. Robin Yang presented a research paper entitled ‘Analysis of Learner Code-switched Self-repetition in L2 Classroom Talk’, which reports part of findings from RGC research project (UGC/FDS16/H15/14) at 12th BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG, 30 Jun - 1 Jul 2016, Lancaster University, U.K.
  8. Dr. Chan Chi Wai presented a paper entitled “A pilot study about the strategic leadership practices of kindergarten leaders in Hong Kong” at the International Symposium on Teaching, Education, and Learning 2016 in Nagoya, Japan on 5 Jul 2016.
  9. Lee, W.O. (2016). Open and Flexible Pedagogies: The Changing Role of Teachers in the 21st Century. Invited keynote presented at the 2016 International Conference on Open and Flexible Education (ICOFE 2016), organized by the Open University of Hong Kong, 6 July 2016.
  10. Dr. Robin Yang presented a research paper entitled ‘Dual Function of Code-switching in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children's Conversation’, at Young Language Learners (YLL) Symposium 2016, 6 – 8 Jul, at Department of Education, Oxford University, U.K.
  11. Dr Chan Chi Wai presented a paper entitled “Education-occupation match/mismatch in the financial sector of Hong Kong” at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association-Taiwan Education Research Association conference 2016 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 10 November.
  12. Dr Edward Y.W. Chu presented a paper entitled “A tale of two approaches: Neuroscience in Content-based instruction (CBI) and Language across the curriculum (LAC)” at the International NeuroELT Conference (FAB10) in University of Macau on 13 November.
  13. Dr Polly Lao presented a paper entitled "Comparison of three early childhood curricula from the perspective of mathematics education” at the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education 2016 in Germany on 24-31 July.
  14. Dr April Liu presented a paper entitled “Unpacking Diverse Gendered Discourses in Hong Kong Secondary Gender Education: Insights from Critical Discourse Analysis and Systemic Functional Linguistics” in the 1st Symposium on Ecolinguistics, in South China Agricultural University (SCAU), on 26 November.
  15. Dr April Liu co-presented a paper entitled “Enhancing student understandings of assessment standards: Conversation analysis of peer and teacher-student exemplar dialogues” at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association-Taiwan Education Research Association conference 2016 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 10 November.
  16. Dr Polly Lao presented a paper entitled "Knowledge for early childhood educators to facilitate children’s mathematics learning under the influence of technology" at the 21st Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2016) in Thailand on 14-18 December 2016.
  17. Dr Danny Leung and Dr Vanliza Chow conducted an internal seminar on Applying Cognitive Linguistics to L2 Figurative Learning and Teaching to E&L academics on 20 December 2016.
  18. Dr. Chan Chi Wai presented a paper entitled “Contextual intelligence in school leadership” at the Asia-Pacific Symposium on Social Science and Management 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan on 17 March 2017.
  19. Ms Suzannie Leung presented a paper entitled  “Translanguaging in early visual arts”  at 2017 International Symposium on Education and Psychology at Kyoto, Japan on 5 April 2017.
  20. Dr Danny Leung  and Dr Vanliza Chow jointly presented a paper entitled ‘Connecting colours and emotions: a cross-cultural study’ with Jeannette Littlemore, Paula Perez Sobrino, David Houghton (from University of Birmingham) at the 6th RaAm Specialized Seminar  (The Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor) in Denmark on 19 May 2017.
  21. Dr Vanliza Chow presented a paper entitled “exploring the use of metaphors in oncology nursing journal articles” at the 3rd International Symposium on Figurative Thought and Language in Croatia on 28 April 2017.

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