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The Research Grants Council (RGC) Projects
  1. Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) Projects
Principal Investigator
Title of Project
Grand Total Awarded
A study of the language specificness of two nursing specialties*
Teacher knowledge of early childhood teachers in Hong Kong, with a focus on Mathematics in early childhood education*
Dr CHAN Chi Wai
A study on strategic leadership in Hong Kong kindergartens*
Analysis of repair practice and its relationship with L2 Chinese learning in online tutorial*
*The Principal Investigators (PI) of these projects have agreed to make the data set(s) that have been used in their research to be available to others for reference twelve months after the publication of research results or the completion of their proposed projects. If you would like to assess the data set of a particular project, please contact the Principal Investigator of the project directly.
  1. Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Projects:
Research Institute for Bilingual Learning and Teaching (RIBiLT) has been set up with the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) funding from Research Grants Council (RGC) since 2016 January. The mission of RIBiLT is to deliver cross-disciplinary research in education and languages that supports bilingual learning and teaching of Hong Kong. For more details of RIBiLT, please click here.
  1. Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS) Projects
Project Reference No.
Project Title
Principal Investigator
Funding Period
Amount Awarded by RGC (Inclusive of On-costs) (HK$)
Harnessing the latest corpus-based approaches for research
Dr LEUNG Chung-hong

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