Interested in studying hotel and sustainable tourism management in Hong Kong? Propel your career in the hospitality industry with a degree in tourism management from The Open University of Hong Kong. Our tourism degree programme aims to provide high-quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various aspects of hotel and sustainable tourism management. These skills are necessary for those who wish to pursue their careers at a managerial level in the hotel or eco-tourism industries.

Designed to strengthen students' knowledge of general management in the hotel and tourism industry, our tourism degree will equip students with comprehensive hands-on experience in the areas of hospitality and tourism, nurture their interest and provide them with ample opportunities to sharpen their skills learned in lectures and practical training. Moreover, the courses in our tourism degree programme enable students to broaden their knowledge of the development of the tourism industry, honing their critical awareness of the problems that underpin best practice.

On top of being able to work well in high-pressure environments, graduates with a tourism degree will be fully equipped with industry and business knowledge and superb communication and customer service skills. Whether you have your sights set on working for a big travel company or hope to join a world-renowned hotel group, the skills learned during your tourism degree will make you an attractive candidate after graduation.
Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)
  1. Explain and critically review business theories and concepts to identify issues, analyse situations, and develop solutions for multi-faceted problems in organisational settings.
  2. Critically evaluate issues and make informed judgements in view of the organisation’s strategies as well as ethical considerations.
  3. Make meaningful contributions as a leader and member in a team setting and communicate effectively.
  4. Command knowledge of the practices and activities of key aspects of hotel and sustainable tourism management.
  5. Integrate and apply advanced analytical skills to address issues and make business decisions related to hotel and sustainable tourism management.
  6. Assimilate and synthesise new knowledge in hotel and sustainable tourism management, apply it to solve problems related to operation in hotels and eco-tourism, and develop practical recommendations.

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