The Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Global and China Studies is a 4-year programme offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

This programme is tailored for those who will have exclusive advantage in today’s competitive job market by becoming well-versed in the cutting edge of global affairs and Chinese international relations. Supported by academic training, internships, and service learning, the programme equips students with analytical tools and real-world experiences. It also provides them with in-depth, multi-faceted, critical understanding of the 21st century global politics, economy, and society reshaped and transformed by China’s growing presence on the world stage. The interaction between the world and China will be highlighted by the opportunities and risks found in the Belt and Road Initiative. Graduates are expected to enjoy advantageous career opportunities and benefits for professional development not only in Hong Kong, but also throughout mainland China, the Asia-Pacific, Eurasia and beyond with a China and/or international focus.

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Modified Date: Sep 06, 2018