After the completion of the first year study, social sciences students who find mismatch between the chosen major and their aptitude/interest can apply to switch to other desired major offered by the Social Sciences programme team of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Students who wish to transfer to their desired major must achieve grade B or above in related foundation level course (please refers to the table below) in the first year study. Students must petition their requests through Admissions & Enrolment Office (Undergraduate) (C0514, 5/F Block C) by the end of the first year study (i.e. End of July). However, the result is subject to available quota.
Transfer to the following programme in Year 2 study Minimum requirement:
obtain “Grade B” in
 Psychology PSYC A124F
 Applied Economics ECON A121F
 Politics and Public Administration POLS A122F
 Applied Social Studies SOCI A123F
 Ageing Society and Services Studies SOCI A123F
 Global and China Studies POLS A122F

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Modified Date: Sep 25, 2020