This programme is specifically designed for students who aspire to develop good English communication skills and to explore and analyse the structure and use of English in a range of contexts. Apart from studying courses on English language proficiency, students will also study English language use in different cultural settings, learn about the history of English and investigate its role as a world language. The design of courses will enable students to acquire the skills to analyse language and to comment critically on different varieties of spoken and written language use, thus developing and refining students’ skills as a language user. By the end of the programme, students will be a competent user of English and will be able to discuss complex issues in English with confidence, fluency and accuracy. 

The degree is recognised by the Education Bureau as a language major degree, and graduates who also complete a teacher's qualification specializing in English language will become fully qualified English language teachers in Hong Kong and will be exempted from the English Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers. Graduates will be eligible to take up general administrative and executive work in the civil service, non-government organisations, the business or industry sectors and other positions for university graduates.

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Modified Date: Sep 03, 2019