General Structure

During the four years of study, students will need to complete 160 credits of courses, comprising 120 credits of major studies, 20 credits of general education and 20 credits of outside-discipline courses.

Major courses

The 120 credits of core courses in the major area of study comprise i) Language Studies; and ii) Language Proficiency courses. In the first two years of study, 20 credits of English Language Proficiency courses build a foundation for the more complex English Language Studies courses. After an introductory Language Studies course in the first year, students’ explorations of the language increase in complexity in years two, three and four in courses covering Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis and Stylistics and exploring the past, present and future of English and the role of creativity in everyday and literary language use.

General education and outside-discipline courses

Throughout the four years of the degree students will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons by taking courses in general education and in disciplines outside the Language Studies area. Students may choose to study designated courses in Education, Science, Social Science, Computing or Business according to their own interest.

Courses from Year 1 to Year 4:


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