Programme Structure
During the four years of study, students will need to complete 160 credits of courses, comprising 20 credits of general education; 10 credits of English; 10 credits of basic social research methods; 20 credits of foundation level social sciences courses and 100 credits of required and elective major courses.
Year 1
Core Courses Credits
ECON A121F Foundations of Social Sciences: Economics 5
ENGL A101F University English Writing Skills 5
POLS A122F Foundations of Social Sciences: Political Science 5
PSYC A124F Foundations of Social Sciences: Psychology 5
SOCI A123F Foundations of Social Sciences: Sociology 5
STAT A221F Statistics 5
Elective Courses
ONE of the following: 5
       -   ENGL A203F Hitchcock Films  
       -   ENGL A204F Modern British and American Drama  
       -   ENGL A231F English Literature in the Modern World  
ONE 5-credit purpose-designed General Education course 5
Year 2
Core Courses
POLS A221F Introductory Comparative Politics 5
PUAD A222F Introduction to Public Administration 5
STAT A222F Essentials of Research Inquiry 5
Elective Courses
ONE of the following: 5
       -   ECON A231F Introduction to Microeconomics  
       -   PSYC A221F Introductory Psychology  
       -   PSYC A236F Positive Psychology and Mental Health  
       -   SOCI A220F Essentials of Sociological Inquiry  
ONE of the following: 5
       -   ECON A232F Introduction to Macroeconomics  
       -   SOCI A221F Social Problems and Social Issues  
THREE 5-credit purpose-designed General Education courses 15
Year 3
Core Courses
ECON A322F Applied Economics in Public Policy Analysis 5
POLS A322F  Contemporary Chinese Politics 5
POLS A324F  Chinese Foreign Policy 5
POLS A325F  Selected Topics in Contemporary Hong Kong Politics 5
POLS A329F  Political Analysis 5
POLS A331F  Civil Society and Governance 5
PUAD A323F Public Policy Studies 5

Elective Courses
ONE 5-credit higher level Social Sciences course 5
Year 4
Core Courses
ECON A324F Global Political Economy 5
POLS A323F Hong Kong Government and Politics 5
POLS A326F Theories of International Relations 5
POLS A328F Comparative Democratization 5
POLS A330F Contemporary Political Theory 5
PUAD A322F Public Sector Management 5
SOCI A323F Social Policy and Social Administration 5

Elective Course
ONE 5-credit higher level Social Sciences course 5

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