The Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology (BSSoc (Hons) in Psychology) programme is a 4-year degree programme offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences (A&SS). The degree programme guides students to develop expertise and skills in the study of human behaviour in psychology. Specifically, we aim to inspire students’ interest in the exploration of human behaviour and experience, to familiarize students with the process of conducting and evaluating psychological research, and to extend and apply the psychological knowledge in daily lives.

Through our 4-year degree programme, we strive to nurture students to become leaders in their chosen career paths in psychology. By exposing our students to high-quality research and seminars taught by credible teaching staff throughout the programme, they will get the opportunity to experience the various fields of psychology during their time in the OUHK. Moreover, earning a psychology degree from the OUHK will grant graduates access to a multitude of opportunities in the field.

Admission details and requirements for our psychology degree can be found on our General Requirements page.  


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