Programme Structure and Contents
Students pursuing this programme must successfully complete 60 credits* as follows:


30 credits from compulsory courses:



Investment and Portfolio Management (10)



Applied Business Project (1 Year) (20)



30 credits from the following elective courses:



Financial Accounting and Taxation (10)

  CGV B813F Corporate Governance (10)


Wealth Management Stream



Financial Planning and Risk Management (10)


FIN B857F Tax, Estate and Trust Planning (10)

*The credit value is given in brackets at the end of the course title.



Students pursing the MAFWMF programme through Pathway 1 must complete 30 credits from the compulsory course and 10 credits from elective courses. (For details of Pathway 1, please refer to the Entry Requirements.)


In addition to the 60 credits (or 80 credits for Special Entry Route or 40 credits for Pathway 1), students will need to complete additional courses required by the School after assessing their academic backgrounds, results in the admission tests, language proficiency and other relevant factors in order to facilitate effective learning of Master’s degrees in business-related areas. The specific requirements will be stipulated in the offer letter.



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