Entry Requirements and Courses

Entry Requirements

  • For holders of Higher Diploma or Associate Degree (or equivalent).
  • Normally, the programme duration is two to three years. Applicants will be considered for admission to different years of the study programme depending on individual academic merits and other relevant factors.



Table 1: Required courses

Course Code

Course Title


Year 2
ENGLA211F The structure of Modern English: Words and Sentences 5
ENGLA221F The structure of Modern English: Sounds and Meaning 5
TRANA262CF Language Structure and Translation 5
TRANA272CF Contractive Linguistics and Translation 5
Electives in 'outside-discipline' course 10
Electives in 'purpose-designed General Education courses' 10
Year 3
ENGLA212F English Grammar Analysis 5
ENGLA222F English Grammar and Usage 5
LANGA333F Introduction to Sociolinguistics 5
LANGA343F Sociolinguistic Issues in Hong Kong 5
TRANA253CF Study of Translation Texts 5
TRANA254CF Fundamentals of Interpreting 5
TRANA365CF Translation for the Media 5
TRANA366CF Translation of Public Administration Texts 5
Year 4
LANGA338F Semantics 5
LANGA339F Pragmatics 5
TRANA367CF Translation for Business 5
TRANA368CF Translation for Legal Texts 5
TRANA369F Cultural Issues and Translation 5
TRANA379F Literature and Translation 5
TRANA453CF Language and Translation Project 10
*Presentation of the above courses shown in Tables 1 is at the discretion of the School of Arts and Social Sciences.



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