Student Sharing

Caroline Ng

As English and Putonghua are important working languages in the Hong Kong Society , I decided to enrol in the Language and Translation degree programme. At OU all professors and lecturers are friendly and erudite. I learned a lot from them in the first semester. I believe that I will achieve good academic results under their guidance.

Ngai Chung Mang

I am a year one student studying the Language and Translation degree programme at OUHK. The courses I am taking are tailor-made to build up my proficiency in Chinese and English. Being taught by the enthusiastic academic staff, I am familiar with what I am learning. Also, some courses are practical and enable me to be well prepared for my future career. Most of the students here have very good learning attitudes, thus creating a positive and enthusiastic learning atmosphere. I enjoy the lessons and I am glad to be here.

Wong Tsz

I am interested in language studies, and I enjoy reading a lot. I often hope that I can translate and share the words I like with others, sharing the joy of reading. Many people think that translation is boring and a headache. But I believe that translators have a sacred mission to bridge cultural barriers. I look forward to bettering my language skills and knowledge so as to make a contribution of my own translation works. I’m glad to meet some very good teachers, students, and friends here. I learn many things from them. Let’s hope that we could work together and carry on!



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