Student Activities

The Language and Translation student Society organised a barbecue in the first semester. We had a very nice day. Next time when we have a barbecue again, would you come and join us?


Students from the Language and Translation Programme organised a Christmas party in a cafe on the night of 21 December 2005. Everyone dressed up for the party and we had a marvellous time!



Some students from the Language and Translation Programme set up the Student Dancing Society in December. They are going to organise a series of activities that are related to dancing from this semester onwards, such as a dancing course, dancing competition and performances. Hope to see all of you in these activities.



Look! All of the committee members of the Badminton Society are waiting for you! Why don't you join us and become one of our valuable members now?


The Music Society is born!
We are students who are music lovers of piano, woodwind, percussion, strings, Chinese music and singing.

We'll organize a series of music activities, including a concert, singing contest, choir, music camp, pop band, and music sharing. We are more than happy to have you join our music family. For further contact, please email :



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