[BSSCHJS] (Senior Year Entry)

Built on the intellectual foundation of sociology, the applied social studies curriculum guides students to acquire an understanding of social life focusing on social policy, criminology, and cultural and heritage studies. Our sociology courses look into many topics of contemporary relevance – such as globalization, social institutions and issues in Hong Kong and Mainland China, crime and criminal justice, social administration and social policy, culture and identity, youth and intergenerational relations, ageing and health, as well as family, gender and sexuality. Courses with an applied dimension from psychology, economics, politics and public administration are also integrated into the curriculum to develop students into all-round analytical and reflective thinkers.


Starting from the academic year of 2021-2022, three specializations, namely (i) Criminology, (ii) Cultural and Heritage Studies and (iii) Social Policy and Youth Studies, will be introduced. Students can declare one of these specializations according to their interests after being admitted to the programme.

Students’ sharing
1. WONG Chi-Shing (Cantonese)   2. MENG Songyu (Putonghua)   3. Hannah Jinelle Mariano EMBUSCADO (English)
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