[BAHCAMDJS] [Senior Year entry]

The programme aims at providing students with a critical framework to cope with the ever-developing media and endless new possibilities in modern advertising design. Through four years of study, students will acquire knowledge and technical skills in different aspects of media production, which will pave their way to becoming producers and project managers in the industry. Emphasis will be given to the creative use of media technology and aesthetics in developing advertising strategies. Students of this programme will be provided with an education that prepares them to be creative with a global cultural perspective.

General Description of the Programme

This is a full-time programme with courses offered in face-to-face mode. The programme aims to provide students with an in-depth education and professional training in in the field of new media advertising. Students will be assessed continuously on the quality of assignments, projects, essays, reports, presentations and/or examinations.

Aims and Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

(a) Manage media design project with professional competency and skills;

(b) Appraise the subtle and complex relationship between culture, new media and advertising design;

(c) Apply knowledge of the principles and practice of contemporary advertising to formulate creative strategies;

(d) Critically evaluate historical and contemporary approaches to advertising design in both printed, electronic and digital media and measure their effectiveness;

(e). Develop original design according to the needs of different clients.

Programme Coverage

Students in this program will receive an in-depth education and holistic practice in Creative Advertising and Media design skill. Key areas of study and training are:

(1) Communication Study;

(2) Advertising Practice;

(3) Media Design; and

(4) Media Skill Development.


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