Call for Papers

Based on the huge success of the previous conferences, the Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH) will continue to organize conferences to promote the sharing of interdisciplinary research ideas and the dissemination of research findings in digital culture and humanities. In 2016, the two conferences (A and B), one in digital humanities and the other in digital culture, will be held in conjunction to address related issues in the changing landscape and new possibilities of research in digital culture and digital humanities. The conferences will serve as a platform to enhance and encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative research and knowledge exchange leading to pedagogical advancement and academic publication.
Conference A: Digitization and Reconceptualizations of the Humanities
With the theme of “Digitization and Reconceptualizations of the Humanities”, the conference will look into how digitization of artifacts and literacy practices change the modes of thought in the humanities. New critical perspectives and sensibilities in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies will be explored. 
You are invited to submit proposals for individual papers, workshops, and roundtables that address specifically the following topics:
-   Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett and research in the digital age
-   Digital technologies and their impact on theatre studies and performance practice
We also welcome contributions that address any issues relevant to the conference theme, including the following list, which is, of course, not exhaustive:
-   Digital literacy
-   Literature in a digital context
-   Literature, culture and power in the digital age
-   Humanities research enabled through digital technologies
-   The digital arts, film, music, drama, new media and related humanities areas
-   Corpus linguistics and computational literary analysis
-   New academic and pedagogical practices in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies
-   Data creation, curation, and knowledge management for humanities digital archives and resources
Conference B: Digital Art and Film
As digital culture and imaging has changed and challenged traditional modes of seeing and thinking, the conference aims to address both theoretical and empirical issues related to digital art forms as a result of the use of digital media technology, digital cinematic representation, film literature, film culture, film production, film marketing and consumption, and film archives, and so forth. It will encourage discussions on the impacts of digital media on film, people, and society in the contexts of digitextuality.
You are invited to submit proposals for individual papers, workshops, and roundtables that address specifically the following topics:
-   Digital art and film
-   Surrealism, heroism, and science fiction in the digital era
-   Digital cinematic representation of martial arts
-   Film culture and scriptwriting in the dynamics of digital imagining
-   Digital sounds, animation and special effects on cinematic production
-   Film, literature and culture in Greater China and the world
-   Film archive, preservation and heritage
-   Film festivals, film education, and film development policies
Dates of the conferences
4-6 July 2016 (Monday - Wednesday)
Languages of presentation
English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Application and Dates
15 April 2016                Deadline for submission of abstract
16 May 2016                 Notification of acceptance
30 May 2016                 Registration form submission
10 June 2016                Paper submission
4-6 July 2016                Conferences
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