Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Applied Social Studies is a Top-Up Bachelor Honours Degree Programme offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences. The applied social studies curriculum guides students to develop an all-round understanding of social life and organizations basing on the intellectual foundation in sociology. Through studying topics of contemporary relevance such as social institutions and issues in Hong Kong and China, tourism, globalization, crime and punishment, social administration and social policy, students are trained to be analytical and reflective thinkers with greater social and cultural awareness. Courses with an applied dimension from psychology, economics and politics are included for a more integrated perspective of society.

On successful completion of the programme, graduates are expected to be able to:
i. Demonstrate a solid understanding of the nature, focus, areas and methods of social sciences;
ii. Demonstrate a good understanding of the core concepts, theories, and research in the study of economics, political science/public administration, psychology, and sociology;
iii. Analyse critically about key issues in economics, political science/public administration, psychology, and sociology;
iv. Demonstrate appropriate level of competence in understanding, conducting and evaluating social research;
v. Learn how to learn, be positive towards lifelong learning, be aware of their role as participating and responsible members of Hong Kong society, be aware of the multitude of social and societal forces that influence their experience and behaviour, and be able to make use of what they learn for self-development and for adjustment to a rapidly changing world.



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