In order to promote the sharing of research ideas and the dissemination of research findings, projects are carried out under each of the two research centres of the institute.
Please follow the links below for details of each project:
Digital Culture Research Centre (DCRC) Projects
Projects under DCRC study social and artistic impacts in the emergence of digital culture, especially how changes in the form of cultural production affects expression in art and communication.  
Project (b): The Digitization of Chinese Paintings in Hong Kong
Project (c): Digital Chinese Ink in Contemporary Art
Project (d): Projection Mapping Technologies and Their Uses: Hong Kong and EU Countries
Project (e): Digital Natives and New Media Culture in China 
Digital Humanities Research Centre (DHRC) Projects
Projects under DHRC study how digital culture has revolutionized humanities in terms of production, the form of presentation, interpretation,study and research
Project (a): Digital Culture, the Humanities and New Possibilities for Teaching and Research
Project (b): Digital Chinese Literature
Project (c): E-Book vs Print? A Study on Behaviour of Information Seeking
Digital Culture Research Centre (DCRC) Projects
Project Coordinator: Dr David Yip
The project covers three parts of the following interactive animation sequences with rising level of interactivity:
Part 1:      First Contact: getting attention
Part 2:      First Touch: playing with elements of surreal images
Part 3:      Full-body interactivity: creating new surreal images through body movement
A presentation entitled ‘Surrealism in 4D’ was given in ‘RIDCH Symposium 2017: Culture and the Humanities in the Digital Age: China Focus’ in January 2017. Later a paper with the same title was produced, which is about the use of VR technology to create a surreal dream in a virtual environment in the style of Salvador Dali and René Magritte. It allows users to become an ‘active creative dreamer’ when he/ she can interact with and re-shape object in the virtual dream. The article is expected to be published as a book chapter of the forthcoming book series Digital Culture and Humanities: Challenges and Developments in a Globalized Asia.
DCRC Project (b): The Digitization of Chinese Paintings in Hong Kong
Project Coordinator: Ms Sally Tsang
Project (b): The Digitization of Chinese Paintings in Hong Kong

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