Field Work

The programmes under the Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH) include overseas field work projects. Field work projects will be organized under the Digital Humanities Research Centre and the Digital Culture Research Centre respectively to explore the latest trends of digital culture and humanities in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo, the creative hubs of digital media and creative industries.
The aims of the field work include:
  • To explore the latest development of the use of digital media in culture and humanities areas;
  • To interview artists, designers and scholars in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo of their focus and preference in the digital media arena, and how they work out wonders in the face of various possible challenges and limitations;
  • To examine how digital technology has impacted the humanities and inspired new ways of studies and research;
  • To investigate how the use of digital technology has created new forms of culture;
  • To reveal how human behavior, particularly perception, has been changed by the wide adoption of digital technology in communication and entertainment;
  • To explore how the development of creative arts and cultural industries has contributed to the rise of digital culture;
  • To uncover the educational opportunities as well as challenges in the digital age;
  • To disentangle the cultural policies that have led to the rise of digital culture in the world in the last 50 years, and the cultural politics manifested; and
  • To identify the business opportunities created by the rise of digital culture.
Field Work Trip 2017 (Tokyo) 
Digital Culture and Humanities in Greater Tokyo
Prof Kwok-kan TAM, Dr CHAN Kit Yee, Dr Kaby KUNG Wing-sze, Dr Sunny LAM Sui-kwong, Mr Anthony CHAN Yat-ming, Mr Nelson TAM Hoi-ming
22 – 27 October 2017 
The trip has been planned as part of the IDS 2014. Under the theme “Digital Culture and Humanities in Greater Tokyo”, the trip will study in general the advancement of digitalization in Greater Tokyo from different aspects, such as Western culture and its digital representation, youth behavioural changes in mobile and digital culture, apprenticeship approaches in animation training, and new trends in literature and education arisen as a result of digital humanities.
Field Work Trip 2017 (Beijing)
Exploring Chinese Literature and Film Materials in the Aspects of Database Management, Display and Digitalization
Dr. Rebecca Leung Mo Ling, Ms. Janet Lau Man Ying, Mr. Dan Ip Hiu Tan and Mr. Walter Wong Shu Kei
8 May to 12 May 2017
The trip, with the theme “Exploring Chinese Literature and Film Materials in the Aspects of Database Management, Display and Digitalization”, includes intensive visits to major film and arts museums, China Central Television (CCTV) and the Beijing Union University, and meetings with representatives from these institutes. 
Data and information obtained will be provided to internal staff for staff development purposes and served as materials for researches under RIDCH to understand the strategies taken by these institutes to deal with the changes and challenges in the digital age, and observe the development of traditional museum and digital museum in Beijing. 
Field Work Trip 2016 (Shanghai and Hangzhou)
Digital Impacts on Animation, Film, Theatre, and Education –
Experience and Experiment from Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta
Prof. Kwok-kan TAM, Dr. Sunny S. K. LAM, Dr. Anna W. B. TSO, Ms. Venus Y. M. LAI, Mr. Nelson H. M. TAM, Mr. Vincent S. F. MAK
15 – 19 May 2016
Led by Prof. K. K. Tam, the RIDCH field work trip took place in Shanghai and Hangzhou on 15-19 May 2016 as the second part of the field work series. Researchers who joined the field trip (as listed above) are from diverse disciplines in digital culture and humanities. The field study aimed at understanding the development of digital culture in the Chinese context and its interaction with various art forms, and the trip provided fruitful insights and information on the sustainable development and application of digital media technology in animation, film, theatre, as well as humanities education within the dynamics of Chinese arts and cultural industries in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta. 
Renowned museums and institutes in the field were visited, and interviews with representatives of these organisations were conducted. 
Information and knowledge gained from this study is useful not only in the sense of investigating case studies for museum studies, film art studies, and children’s literature & digital discourse analysis, but also in providing useful information to the practitioners of visual arts, applied linguistics and film art industry on the possibility of developing new productions in China and the challenges derived.
Field Work Trip 2015 (Tokyo)
Digitalization and Museums – Impression and Experience from Tokyo
Ms Janet Lau and Mr Walter Wong
23 - 27 August 2015
The theme of Field Work Trip 2015, the first of the series, is ‘Digitalization and Museums – Impression and Experience from Tokyo’. In order to examine the museums’ digitized exhibiting contents and observe their data curation, Ms Janet Lau and Mr Walter Wong  visit museums in Tokyo that are identified for their innovativeness in digitalization.
The field work trip aims to discover how the museums deal with changes and challenges from emerging technologies, visitors, and expectations from artists and curators. Information and knowledge gained from this study is useful not only in the sense of investigating case studies for museum study, but also in providing useful information on data curation and knowledge management to museum directors, artistic staff, curators and other practitioners in the creative industry on how to cope with the rapidly changing environment and expectations.  
Field Work Committee 2016-17
  1. Dr Sunny Lam (Centre Director of Digital Culture Research Centre)
  2. Dr Anna Tso (Centre Director of Digital Humanities Research Centre)
  3. Dr Amic Ho
  4. Mr Makin Fung
  5. Ms Venus Lai
  6. Ms Garfield Lau
  7. Ms Rachel Ip

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