Resources for Teaching and Research

A. Understanding Digital Humanities
  1. Intro to Digital Humanities (DH101): Concepts, Methods, and Tutorials for Students and Instructors:
    Sample Course for Teaching Digital Humanities
    , UCLA Centre for Digital Humanities, University of California, Los Angeles

  2. Guide to Digital Humanities, Northwestern University
  3. A Companion to Digital Humanities, Blackwell Publishing
  4. What Is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments?, Digital Humanities Debates
  5. Humanities Computing (by Willard McCarty)

  6. Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
B. Digital Humanities Projects
  1. City Witness

  2. Colonial Dispatches

  3. Cultural Atlas of Australia

  4. Danish Folklore

  5. Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization

  6. Digital Atlas on the History of Europe since 1500

  7. Digital Augustan Rome

  8. Digital Humanities, The Open University of UK

  9. Digital.Humanities@Oxford, University of Oxford

  10. Digital Humanities Projects, Hong Kong Baptist University

    a. HKBU Heritage

    b. 早期華文報紙電影史料庫

    c. Original Datasets

    d. Doing Scholarship in/on Digital Culture  

    e. Mini-Conference on Digital Humanities

  11. Digital Humanities Projects, City University of Hong Kong

    a. Digital Collections

    b. Digital Humanities @ CityU Library

    c. Korean Classics Indexing Project Database

    d. Land Deeds and Family Papers

    e. Contemporary Chinese Poetry - Misty Poetry (中國現代詩-朦朧詩)

    f. Roundtable on New Technologies and the Future of the Humanities

  12. Digital Humanities GIS (Geographical Information Systems) projects  

  13. Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland  

  14. Dislocating Ulysses

  15. Geodia

  16. Globalization of the United States

  17. JoyceWays

  18. Linguistic Atlas Projects

  19. Linguistic geographies

  20. Literary Atlas of Europe

  21. Locating London’s Past

  22. London Gallery Project

  23. Map of Early Modern London

  24. Mapping Balzac or

  25. Mapping Books

  26. Mapping Decadence

  27. Mapping Dubliners

  28. Mapping Paris

  29. Mapping Performance Culture: Nottingham 1857-1867

  30. Mapping Petersburg

  31. Mapping Population Change in Ireland 1841-1851

  32. Mapping Shakespeare’s London

  33. Pleiades

  34. Records of Early English Drama

  35. Romantic London

  36. Walking Ulysses

C. Digital Chinese Civilization Projects
  1. Beijing in Transition: A Historical GIS Study of Urban Cultures, 1912-19
  2. Beijing of Dream
  3. Classical Historiograohy for Chinese History

  4. Digitizing Chinese Englishmen

  5. Chinese Civilization in Time and Space, Academia Sinica

  6. The Digital Gazetteer of the Song Dynasty

  7. Chinese Historical GIS

  8. 數位方輿 (Reading Digital Atlas)

  9. 國家圖書館古籍數碼資源 (Digital Resources of Ancient Chinese Books from the National Library of China)

  10. 學海書樓特藏 (Hok Hoi Collection)
  11. Social Media and the Transformation of 'Chinese Nationalism': 'Igniting Positive Energy' in China Since the 2012 London Olympics, Anthropolgy Today
D. Archives, corpuses, databases and journals
Archives, Corpuses, Database
  1. State Digital Resources: Memory Projects, Online Encyclopedias, Historical & Cultural Materials Collections, The Library of Congress

  2. Digital Collections & Services, The Library of Congress

  3. Archived Web Sites, The Library of Congress

  4. The British National Corpus (BNC)   

  5. eBooks@Adelaide, The University of Adelaide

  6. Google Cultural Institute 

    a. Art Project, Google Cultural Institute

    b. The Lab at the Cultural Institute  

  7. MIT Global Shakespeare
  8. Taiwan Shakespeare Database
  9. BBA Shakespeare Database
  10. Hong Kong Public Libraries ​​
          a. eLibrary Curriculum Edition (CE) ​
          b. China Journals Full-text Database (CJFD)
          c. Ancient Chinese Book Resources from the National Library of China
          d. Old HK Newspapers 
          e. HKPL Publications
          f. Hong Kong Literature Collection
      11. Journal of Digital Humanities
  1. Shakespeare and Social Media
    Literature Compass
  2. When Ethnography Relates: Reflections on the Possibilities of Digital Storytelling
    Anthropology & Education Quarterly
  3. Strategies Against Architecture: Interactive Media and Transformative Technology at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
    Curator: The Museum Journal
  4. Modernism Meets Digital Humanities
    Literature Compass
  5. Real Social Analytics: A Contribution Towards a Phenomenology of a Digital World
    The British Journal of Sociology
  6. Techno-social Life: The Internet, Digital Technology, and Social Connectedness
    Sociology Compass
  7. Techno-social Life: The Internet, Digital Technology, and Social Connectedness
    Sociology Compass
  8. The Contribution of the Creative Economy to the Resilience of Rural Communities: Exploring Cultural and Digital Capital
    Sociologia Ruralis
  9. “Katrina Bloggers Activate!”: The Long-Term Effects of Digital Media on Civic Participation
    Sociological Inquiry
  10. #Ferguson: Digital protest, Hashtag Ethnography, and the Racial Politics of Social Media in the United States
    American Ethnologist
E. Research Centres and Activities
  1. Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England

  2. Centre for Digital Humanities, University of South Carolina
  3. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
    a. The 6th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities 2015

    b. Digital Humanities Virtual Lab

  4. 文學串流 (LitStream)
F. Children’s Stories and Literature 
  1. Teen's Reading Clubs and Digital Story Telling, Hong Kong Public Libraries 
    (For details, please click here.)

  2. International Children's Digital Library

G. Theatre Studies
  1. AusStage - Researching Australian live performance

  2. The Ibsen Stage Performance Database
H. Texts in European and American Drama
  1. Aristotle: Poetics

  2. Ibsen: A Doll’s House

  3. Shaw: Arms and the Man

  4. Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard

  5. Strindberg: The Ghost Sonata

  6. Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author

  7. Eugene O’Neill:'Neill%2C%20Eugene%2C%201888-1953

  8. Miller: Death of a Salesman

  9. Brecht: The Caucasian Chalk Circle

  10. Beckett: Waiting for Godot (in 2 parts)

  11. Ionesco: The Chairs

  12. Stoppard: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

  13. Albee: The Zoo Story

  14. Pinter: The Room

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