Programme structure


Students pursuing the MALTF programme must successfully complete 60 credits as follows:


(a) At least 50 credits of core courses:  
TRAN A802BF Principles of Translation 翻譯原理 5
TRAN A803BF Hong Kong Legal System and Legal English 香港法制與英文法律 5
TRAN A804BF Translation and Use of Chinese in Law 翻譯與中文法律 5
TRAN A806BF Legal Bilingualism in Hong Kong 雙語法律文書 5
TRAN A807BF Legal Translation in Hong Kong 香港法律翻譯 5
TRAN A808BF Advanced Legal Translation in Hong Kong 香港高級法律翻譯 5
TRAN A809BF MA Project 碩士論文 10
TRAN A816BF Principles of Constitutional & Administrative Law and Criminal Law in Bilingual Context 憲法、行政法及
TRAN A817BF Principles of Contract Law in Bilingual Context 合約法雙語研究 5
TRAN A818BF Principles of Company Law in Bilingual Context 公司法雙語研究 5
TRAN A819BF Principles of Property Law in Bilingual Context 財產法雙語研究 5


(b) Additional 5 credits or 10 credits from:  
TRAN A811F Critical Readings for Translators (English) 文選評析 (英文) 5
TRAN A812CF Critical Readings for Translators (Chinese) 文選評析 (中文) 5
TRAN A832BF Advanced Translation 高級翻譯 10

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