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ª Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies [MSSCLSF] (Phasing out)
ª Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies [PDLSF] (Phasing out)
ª Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies (Content and Pedagogy) [PDLS (C&P)F] (Phasing out)
ª Postgraduate Certificate in Liberal Studies [PCLSF] (Phasing out)

In October 2004, the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) of the Hong Kong SAR Government unveiled its blueprint for reforming the senior secondary and tertiary education system. The consultation paper entitled “Reforming the Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education – Actions for Investing in the Future” contains recommendations that a three-year senior secondary academic system be adopted, and the curriculum framework of the senior secondary school be reformed. In the proposed framework, Liberal Studies will become one of the four core subjects alongside Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics. The subject will also be made a prerequisite for entering local universities. The EMB announced in May 2005 that the reform would be implemented in September 2009.

To respond directly to the Government’s senior secondary school reform, the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) is launching a series of interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes in Liberal Studies on the postgraduate level. In-service school teachers will find these programmes particularly useful for enhancing their subject knowledge as well as pedagogic skills in this field.

Helps you become culturally well-rounded

Liberal Studies aim to help students broaden their horizons and strengthen their analytical and communicative skills, so that they can become informed and responsible world citizens. Our programmes provide students with the opportunities to explore and integrate concepts from a broad range of disciplines, giving them an exciting and rewarding learning experience.

The disciplines available include the study of social behaviour and social psychology, contemporary and traditional Chinese and Hong Kong societies, and environmental studies.


Note: The Liberal Studies programmes are phasing out. The last presentation of the courses will be in October 2017 and the related qualification will be conferred the year 2018.


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