Comments from Students

ENGL A131F Introduction to English Fiction 英語小說導讑

Notes are clear and useful.


ENGL A102F Classic American Films 經典美國電影

“I liked the introduction of American culture through different films.”

“I liked the movies chosen for this course. It’s helped me understand more about American culture.”


ENGL A103F British and American Short Stories 英美短篇小說

"I can understand both British and American literature by these stories. Moreover, we can also learn foreign cultures."

"Atmosphere (learning) is wonderful."

"The presentation of the lecturer is clear and very funny."


ENGLA104F World English(es) and Cultures 世界英語及文化

“The atmosphere in class is great […] interaction between teachers and students create a nice environment for students to learn”

“I learned about different types of English and their own features.”

“Lectures and tutorials are fun and interesting.”


ENGLA105F Hong Kong Literature in English 英語香港文學

“I enjoy the way the lecturer and tutor teach us. They don’t dump information on us. Instead, they explain the works effectively with everyday examples.”


ENGLA106F English in Media and Popular Culture 英語傳媒及文化

“I liked that I learned many new things regarding pop culture and English. It has been highly informative and enjoyable.”

“It covers various aspects of popular culture we face every day. The lecturer and tutor are nice, well-prepared and patient.”


ENGL A107F Children's Literature in English 英語兒童文學

"The content and teaching style is very suitable for undergraduate to know more about children's literature."


ENGL A108F English and Popular Song Lyrics 英語流行歌歌詞

"The performance of the lecturer + tutor are great. Adequate use of visual aids + other materials."


ENGL A203F Hitchcock Films 希治閣電影

"Discover the enjoyment from Black and White movie."

"Useful support from both lecturer and tutor even after class. They welcome us and provide kind support."


ENGLA204F Modern British and American Drama 現代英美戲劇

“There were quite a few plays to read but the teachers helped by making the concepts clear.”

“I liked the acting practice during tutorial.”

“I liked the use of videos to explain the plays.”


更新日期: Oct 27, 2014