Semester (Autumn Term)
Course Code Course Title
CAHT A801F Tourism and Contemporary Society
CAHT A802CF 中國文化、歷史與旅遊
CAHT A803F Heritage and Tourism
CAHT A804F Economics of Tourism
Semester (Spring Term)
Course Code Course Title
CAHT A800CF 文化及保育旅遊研究方法及寫作
CAHT A800F Graduate Research Writing and Methods for Cultural and Heritage Tourism
CAHT A810CF 香港歷史、社會與文化
CAHT A811CF 香港文化專題探討及鑑賞:非物質文化遺產
CAHT A812F Heritage Preservation in Hong Kong
CAHT A813F Principles & Practices of Conservation: An Asian Perspective
CAHT A820CF 文化及保育旅遊人文學科研究報告
CAHT A820F Social Science Research Project in Cultural and Heritage Tourism

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