Programme structure

Students pursuing this programme must successfully complete at least 60 credits as follows. They must select courses in such a way that at least 40 credits are earned from courses with English as the medium of instruction:


  1. 20 credits from the following courses:

CAHT A801F             Tourism and Contemporary Society (5)

CAHT A802CF          中國文化、歷史與旅遊 (5)

CAHT A803F             Heritage and Tourism (5)

CAHT A804F             Economics of Tourism (5)


  1. 15 credits from the following courses:

CAHT A812F              Heritage Preservation in Hong Kong (5)

        CAHT A813F              Principles and Practices in Conservation: An Asian Perspective (5)

        CAHT A810CF           香港歷史、社會與文化 (5)

CAHT A811CF           香港文化專題探討及鑑賞:非物質文化遺產 (5)


  1. Either one of the following two 5-credit mutually exclusive courses:

CAHT A800CF           文化及保育旅遊研究方法及寫作 (5)

CAHT A800F              Graduate Research Writing & Methods for Cultural & Heritage Tourism (5)

          Note: the contents of these two courses are identical, CAHTA800CF is in Chinese, while CAHTA800F is in English.
  1. Either one of the following two 20-credit mutually exclusive courses:

CAHT A820F              Social Science Research Project in Cultural & Heritage Tourism

                                     (project to be written in English, 20 credits)


CAHT A820CF           文化及保育旅遊人文學科研究報告 (project to be written in Chinese, 20 credits)


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