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A Survey on Hong Kong Adults’ Habits of Reusing Surgical Face Masks

Our School conducted a local telephone survey among 1,000 adults who used face masks in April, 2020. The survey aimed to have a thorough understanding of their use of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings of the study showed that 35% of the respondents said that they reused face masks and used each face mask for 2.5 days on average. It was obvious that the group aged 60 or over reused face masks more frequently than the younger age group. Below is the relevant newspaper coverage.

Relevant news links:

The Hong Kong Economic Journal, 28th April, 2020
HK01, 28th April, 2020
【口罩肺炎】公大調查:三成半港人重用口罩 平均兩日半才換一個
Ta Kung Pao, 28th April, 2020
再錄零確診 專家倡研放寬限聚令
Oriental Daily News, 28th April, 2020
調查:逾3成人重用口罩 長者尤甚
Lion Rock Daily, 28th April, 2020
Sky Post, 28th April, 2020
部分人以蒸燙消毒 憂買唔到3成半受訪港人重用口罩
Hong Kong Commercial Daily, 28th April, 2020
公大調查:三成四人重用口罩 情況不理想
am730, 28th April, 2020
消毒無用 平均一個用兩日半 三成半港人重用口罩
The Standard, 28th April, 2020
Making a mask last found to be problem
Hong Kong Economic Times, 27th April, 2020
Orange News, 27th April, 2020
【有礙防疫】公大調查:3成半人重用口罩 平均一個用2.5日
Metro Radio, 27th April, 2020
Sing Tao Daily, 27th April, 2020
公大調查35%港人重用口罩 一罩用足兩日半



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