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Honorary Staff

Honorary Professor

Dr. CHAN Kit Ying Sandy

Ms. CHEN Hui Chao Rachel

Ms. CHEONG Kuan Iao Carol

Ms. CHIU Sau Chu Florence

Ms. HE Guijuan

Ms. KU Man Wing Betty

Ms. MAN Bo Lin Manbo

Ms. MUI Hang Chun Jolene

Prof. QIU Xiu Yue

Ms. SHEN Cuizhen

Prof. SUN Qiu Hua

Ms. XIAO Hui


Honorary Associate Professor

Mr. LAU Ka Shing

Mr. LAU Ping Fat

Ms. LEE Monica

Ms. LEUNG Man Wai

Ms. LI Wah Chun

Dr. NG Fung Leung Bacon

Ms. NGAN Hau Lan

Dr. WONG Pui Lam Del

Dr. YAU Ching Ying

Dr. ZIEA Tat Chi Eric


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Modified Date: Mar 09, 2018

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