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    Academic Staff

    Professor (Dean)

    Prof. LEE K. L. Joseph
    PhD; RN, SBS, JP


    Professor (Associate Dean)

    Prof. LEE Y. K. Linda
    PhD, MA, MN, BN(Hons); RN, RM, RTN


    Associate Professor 

    Dr. CHOI P. P. Sandy
    PhD, BScN(Hons); RN

    Dr. LO K. Y. Cora
    MSCG, BN(Hons), Dip.(Critical Care Nursing); RN

    Dr. KAUR Baljit
    PhD, MSc(Nurs), MsocSc(Gerontology), BScN(Hons), Dip.(Cardiovascular Technology); RN, Simulation Instructor

    Dr. LI M. K.
    PhD, MA, BCM, BN, PRD(HCE); RM, RN

    Dr. TAM C. W.
    PhD, MPhil, BSc

    Dr. TIU M. H. Mimi
    DHSc, MBA, BSc(N); RN

    Dr. TSANG Y. K. Alan
    DHSc, MN, PRD(HCE); RN, RN(Psy)

    Dr. WONG K. F.
    PhD, MN, MSSC, BN(Hons); RN(Psy), RTN

    Dr. WONG W. C. Wendy
    DBA, MSc, PGD(Mental Health Nursing), BN(Hons); RN, RN(Psy)

    Dr. YAU S. Y. Ivy
    MBA(HSM), MNurs, BNurs(Hons); RN


    Assistant Professor

    Dr. HO K. M. Jonathan
    DN, MN, BScN(Hons), Cert.(Emergency Nursing); RN

    Dr. LEE W. M. Windy
    DN, MN, BScN(Hons); RN

    Dr. WONG Y. Y.
    DNurs, MSCG, BSN(Hons); RN


    Senior Lecturer 

    Ms. CHAN H. M. Jackie
    MPH, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. CHAN W. Y. Amanda
    MSc, BScN(Hons); RN

    Ms. CHARM Y. C. Caroline
    MSc, BSN(Hons); RN

    Ms. CHEUNG K.M. Karen

    MSc, BScN(Hons); RN

    Ms. CHEUNG P. H. Alison
    MBA(HSM), BN(Hons), Dip.(Surgical Nursing), Cert.(Infection Control); RN

    Ms. CHUNG P. P. Michelle
    MSc, BHS(Nursing), Cert.(Intensive Care Nursing); RN

    Ms. FUNG P. L. Bell
    MSc, BNurs(Hons); RN

    Ms. KAM Y. C. Connie
    MN, BHs(Nursing), BCM, Cert.(Emergency Nursing); RN, RCMP

    Ms. KWOK P. S. Carol
    MScN, BScN(Hons); PregCert.(Critical Care); RN

    Mr. LAM W. C. Dave
    M.Phil., BScN(Hons), Cert.(Acupuncture); RN

    Ms. LAM C.Y. Yobie
    MPhil, MN, PgDip.(HSM), BN; RN

    Ms. LAM C. Y. Hemio
    MSc(Nursing); BN(Hons); RN(Psy) 

    Mr. LAU M. H. Victor

    MPhil(Nursing), BHSc, RN(Psy)

    Ms. LAW T. Y. Irene
    MSc(Behavioural Health), BNur(Hons); RN(Psy); Qualified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Teacher

    Ms. LEUNG C. Y. Joyce
    MN, BN(Hons); RN

    Mr. LIU T. W.
    MN, MSSC, BA; RN(Psy)

    Ms. NG T. Y. Bernadette
    MPHC, Dip.(General Counseling), BN; RN

    Ms. TONG Y. T. Mavis
    MHSc, PgD Epidemiology & Biostatistics, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. WONG C. L. Charlie
    MSc, BN(Hons), Cert.(Critical Care Nursing); RN

    Dr. WONG S. L.
    MN, BN(Hons); RN, RM

    Ms. YEUNG C. Y. Cheryl
    MN, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. YU W. M. Jamie



    Ms. CHAN S. L. Zoe
    MPH, BNurs; RN

    Ms. CHENG Y. S. Alison
    MSc(Infection Control), BN; RN

    Ms. CHEUNG W. L.
    MSoc Sc, BN (Hons), Cert. (Advanced Surgical Nursing), Cert. (Infection Control); RN

    Mr. CHONG C. Y. Andy
    MSc, BSc(Hons); GradStat(HKSS)

    Dr. CHOW K.M. Ariel
    PhD, MPhil, BSc (Hons)

    Ms. CHOW Y. Y. Amanda
    MN, BN(Hons), Cert.(Infection Control); RN 

    Ms. CHUNG Y. S. Jessie
    MN, BN(Hons), Cert.(Child and Adolescent Nursing); RN  

    Ms. FU C. W. Kirsten
    MSc, BScN(Hons), Cert.(Cardiac Special Care Nursing), Cert.(Interventional Cardiology); RN

    Ms. FUNG K. M. Carmen
    MN Polyu, BNurs (Hons) Polyu; RN (General), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Instructor (ACLS-I), Basic Life Support Instructor (BLS-I)

    Ms. Fung L. P. Candy
    MScHI, MBA(HSM),BScHS, PRCC(Urology Certificate); RN

    Ms. Hui S. Y.
    MN UWS, BSc, PRCC(Community Nursing); RN

    Ms. Lai L. W. Maggie
    MMedSc, BNurs, BSc (Nursing), PRCC (Child &Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing), PRCC (Community Psychiatric Nursing), RN, RN (Psy)

    Ms. LAI S.K. Veronica
    MSc, BScN, PRCC (Gastrointestinal and Endoscopy nursing), Cert. (ENT), RN

    Ms. LAM L. C. Celine
    MSc, BHSc, Cert.(Uorology Care), Cert.(Wound Care); RN

    Ms. LAM P. W. Evangeline 
    MPH, BScN(Hons); RN, RM, IBCLC

    Ms. LAW S. P. Susan 
    MN, BN(Hons), PRCC (NICU), RN, RM

    Ms. LEE K. S. Amy
    MSc, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. LEUNG W. K. Ricky
    Master in Cardiology, BScN(Hons), Cert.(Gerontology Nursing); RN

    Ms. LO S. H. Lori
    MSc (Clinical Gerontology), BScN(Hons), PRCC (Renal Nursing); RN, SN (Renal Nursing)

    Ms. NG Y. M. Alina
    MSc (Nursing), BSc Nursing (Hons); RN

    Dr. PANG C. K. Rebecca
    BN (Hons), PhD; RN

    Mr. SO K. W. Alex
    MSc, BN(Hons), Cert.(Intensive Care Nursing); RN

    Ms. TSE P. T. Bonnie
    MScN, BScN(Hons); RN

    Ms. WONG O. N. Anna
    MPH, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. WONG S. S. Sarah
    MSc, BN(Hons); RN

    Ms. WONG, Y. F. Irene
    MHM, BScN, RN, RTN

    Dr. YAU W. L. Simon
    PhD(HK), MPhil, BSc(Hons)

    Ms. YEUNG H. K. Isobel
    MSc, BNurs(Hons); RN, RM

    MS. YIP W.K. Agnes
    MSc(Nursing), BN(Hons); RN

    MS. YU H.U. Yvonne
    MN, BN (Hons), Dip. (Critical Care Nursing), Cert. (Infection Control); RN

    Teaching Assistant

    Ms. HO M. M. Meme
    BN(Hons);RN, RM

    Ms. KWAN C. M. Queenie
    BN, RN

    Ms. LAM H. L. Yvonne
    BComp(Hons) Internet Tech

    Ms. LAU H. W. Fion
    BSc, BN(Hons); Cert.(ENT); RN

    Ms. LI S. Y. Becky
    MN, BN(Hons), RN, RM

    Mr. SO L. H. Gary
    BComp(Hons) Internet Tech


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