Director’s Message

The Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education of OUHK (LiPACE) will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2017, and I am thrilled to be leading the Institute to this milestone. Over the years, the Institute has been showing unyielding dedication to promoting lifelong learning among different communities. As a self-financed education provider backed by an University, LiPACE is highly flexible and responsive to market dynamics. The many innovative programmes it has offered exhibited both quality and timeliness. Riding on its hard-earned success, the Institute’s silver jubilee will mark a time of further breakthrough.  
The “Capacity Building Mileage Programme” (CBMP) is one of the Institute’s unique and signature programmes. It was supported by the Women’s Commission and launched in 2004, with the aim to empower women through active learning. Looking forward, the CBMP is going to introduce new courses and programmes recogised by Qualification Framework, hoping to boost women’s confidence and competitiveness in the workplace with enhanced academic qualifications.
LiPACE also provides continuing education opportunities to senior citizens through the Elder Academy (EAOU), encouraging them to enrich their retirement life and achieving inter-generation harmony. The Institute prepares to introduce EAOU’s programmes to neighboring Chinese cities, to facilitate cultural exchange and to fully mobilise teaching resources.
For the benefits of full-time students, the Institute initiates professional assessment to help assess students’ various attributes and competence. Corresponding workshops would be offered to enhance their individual learning needs for achieving whole-person development. LiPACE also launched its comprehensive life-planning service to equip secondary school students for further studies and career development. Over 100 secondary schools have participated in our life-planning activities such as career talks and programme tasters, followed by the latest industry visits, workplace simulation and student internships.
To expand working adults’ study options is also one of LiPACE’s key pursuits. To that end, the Institute will continue to engage more leading industry partners in offering professional programmes, and will allow credit transfer between selected full-time and part-time programmes to maximize the flexibility.
After 25 years, the Institute still stands tall in face of constant challenges in resources and management. We would never have come this far without the staff members’ extraordinary insights and devotion. I would also like to thank the university, partners and students for their trust and support, with which LiPACE will continue to grow and prosper.

Dr. Kris Wong

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Modified Date: Dec 22, 2016