Working Paper Series

The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration publishes a Working Paper Series based on research conducted by members of the School and, in some cases, with outside collaborators. Since 1996, a number of working papers have been published under this Series. Complimentary copies of the School Working Papers are sent to the libraries and academic departments of local Hong Kong universities and relevant outside institutions. 

A list of the School Working Papers is appended below:

Paper No. Title of the Working Papers
Assessment of the Standard Working Hours Committee’s Proposal to Regulate Working Hour in Health Care Industry - Is It Really Helpful to the Employees?
46/2016/MKT/BA/OUHK Examining the Impact of Perceived Crowding and Renao (熱鬧) on Emotional Labour in the Chinese Cultural Context
45/2015/MGT/BA/OUHK Managing Knowledge Transfer – An Appropriation-justice Perspective
44/2015/FIN/BA/OUHK Do Color Matter to Stock Valuation?
43/2015/MGT/BA/OUHK Re-configuring the ‘M’ of KM – a Push-Pull Metaphor
42/2015/FIN/BA/OUHK Are There any Ending-digit Effects around the World?
41/2014/FIN/BA/OUHK Does Warrant Trading Matter to Tracking Errors of China-Focused Exchange–Traded Funds?
40/2014/FIN/BA/OUHK Contagion and globalization meets in the crisis.
39/2014/ACT/BA/OUHK Environmental Management Accounting for Sustainable Development and the Eyes of Chinese Wisdom – Yì Jīng
38/2014/ODE/BA/OUHK Empirical Study on the Attitudes towards Software Piracy among University Students in Hong Kong
37/2013/MGT/BA/OUHK Leadership and Task Interdependence as Antecedents to Team Member Exchange: Testing Linkages among Accountants in Hong Kong
36/2013/FIN/BA/OUHK Herding on Ending Digits in Security Trading
35/2013/MGT/BA/OUHK Ineffective Knowledge Transfer – It Doesn’t Matter!
34/2013/ODE/BA/OUHK Effectiveness of Blended Learning — A Study on Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong
33/2012/MGT/BA/OUHK A Group-Level Examination of the Impact of Leader-Member Exchange and Justice Climates on Team-Member Exchange
32/2011/FIN/BA/OUHK Can institutional investors really improve market efficiency: Evidence from Japan?
31/2010/MKT/BA/OUHK Examining the Impact of Life Satisfaction and Time Pressure on Consumers' Responses towards Cause-Related Marketing Promotions
30/2010/FIN/BA/OUHK Performance characteristics of exchange-traded funds in bullish and bearish markets
29/2009/MGT/BA/OUHK Chinese Cultural Values and Knowledge Sharing
28/2009/BIS/BA/OUHK iTutoring: A Learning Support System for Distance Learning
27/2009/BIS/BA/OUHK An Efficient Sentence-Based Plagiarism Detection Algorithm
26/2008/MGT/BA/OUHK An Integrated Model of Trust, Ex Ante Opportunism, and Ex Post Opportunism on Procurement Governance
25/2008/MGT/BA/OUHK Let the 'Outer' Speck for Itself: Understanding Chinese Employees from Their Own Perspectives
24/2007/FIN/BA/OUHK Intraday and Intraweek Patterns in Premiums of Exchange -- Trade Funds: Evidence from the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong
23/2007/MKT/BA/OUHK Impact of Perceived Interactivity, Internet Acceptance and Flow Experience on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. A Framework for Analysis
22/2007/FIN/BA/OUHK Premium Patterns in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): A Case of Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (TraHK)
21/2007/MGT/BA/OUHK Lean Production Aviation in Asia: The case of AirAsia
20/2006/MGT/BA/OUHK Big Five or Big Six?
Does culture make a difference in researching the prediction of teaching effectiveness?
19/2006/MKT/BA/OUHK The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Services
18/2005/BIS/BA/OUHK Alert Driven Communications Management for Distance Learning
17/2005/BIS/BA/OUHK Optimization Modeling Decision Support System for Least Cost IDD Route Planning
16/2005/BIS/BA/OUHK Reinforcement Learning in Episodic Non­stationary Markovian Environments
15/2004/MGT/BA/OUHK Does Culture Affect Leader's Personality and Group Effectiveness?
14/2004/MGT/BA/OUHK Working time in Britain :
An Assessment of the Working Time Regulations
13/2004/BIS/BA/OUHK Information Retrieval on the Internet :
Clustering by using Genetic Algorithms
12/2004/ODE/BA/OUHK Student Performance in an Introductory
Business Communication Course :
A Comparison of Distance-learning and Face-to-face Students
11/2003/MGT/BA/OUHK Rethinking Knowledge Management and the
Experience of a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise
10/2003/MIB/BA/OUHK The Dynamic Relationship between FDI and Wages:
Evidence from the People's Republic of China
09/2003/MKT/BA/OUHK Internet Interactivity and Marketing Relationship Outcome:
An Exploratory Study Using the Structuration Approach
08/2003/MGT/BA/OUHK Networking for Action: Action-based Firm Differences in Embeddedness Perspective
07/2002/BIS/BA/OUHK Multi-model Approach to Non-stationary Reinforcement Learning
06/2002/ACT/BA/OUHK Regulations on Initial Public Offering Pricing and Prospectus Earnings Forecast in China
05/2002/ODE/BA/OUHK An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Tutors Personality and Teaching Effectiveness: Implications for Management of Tutors In Distance Education
04/2002/ODE/BA/OUHK Does Computer Mediated Communication Enhance the Learning Experience of the Distant Learner?
03/2001/MGT/BA/OUHK Managerial Mechanisms, Corporate Context and Strategy Implementation
02/2001/ODE/BA/OUHK Enhancing Self-Directed Learning Readiness in Business Education
01/2001/MKT/BA/OUHK Right Customers Versus Wrong Customers: Conceptualization and Identification
BA-2000-01 The Post-Issue Performance of Initial Public Offering Firms in the People's Republic of China
BA-99-01 A Win-Win-Win Activity Based Management Framework
BA-98-01 A Continuing Debate on Service Quality Measurement: The Effect of Item Aggregation
BA-97-02 Using Service Quality Perceptions for Market Segmentation in Distance Education
BA-97-01 The Labyrinth of Exit Controls over Language Proficiency
BA-96-02 Measuring Service Quality: A Test-Retest Reliability Investigation of SERVQUAL
BA-96-01 A Design Methodology for Security application Software


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