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Examination Arrangement for B&A Courses (2019 Autumn Term)
The final examinations for all courses offered by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration in the 2019 Autumn Examinations will be conducted in the format of a take-home examination via the Online Learning Environment (OLE).
Please make sure to refer to the following before you attempt the examination.
  1. Instruction video: This video is a step-by-step demonstration of how to do your take-home examination via OLE and what you should prepare beforehand.
    For face-to-face courses :  [ENG]
    For distance learning courses :  [ENG] / [CHI]

  2. Examination guidelines [ENG] / [CHI] : This document provides detailed instructions on the take-home examinations. Please read it carefully before taking the examination.
  3. Trial take-home examination: You are encouraged to make good use of the OLE trial take-home examination to familiarize yourself with the interface.
    (Course Homepage > Take Home Exam > Take-home Exam Paper(s) > Trial Take-home Exam)
    For details, please refer to the instruction video (links above).
For students who would like to write their answers on paper, the below resources are also provided for your download and perusal.
  1. Answer sheet template [Download]: Please download and print out the answer sheet in advance. Make sure to prepare enough sheets for the examination.
  2. User’s guide for mobile app “CamScanner” [ENG] / [CHI] (also available on OLE): If you do not have a scanner, you may download and use this app to convert photos of your answer scripts to a PDF file for uploading.
Download link for the mobile app “CamScanner” [Android/iOS]
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a take-home examination?

Take-home examination is an open-book examination that can be done at home or virtually anywhere you deem appropriate, with access to textbooks, lecture notes, internet and any other resources which might be useful.
However, you should not rely solely on your course materials or other resources when doing the examination. Questions in the exam paper will focus on ability to apply the knowledge you learnt from the course. Since the examination will typically last around two to three hours, you would not have sufficient time to look for answers in your course materials on the spot. Therefore, you should make sure to prepare ahead of time and study as usual.

Am I allowed to copy from course materials or discuss with others during a take-home examination?

While you will be able to access course materials and other resources, you are still expected to uphold academic integrity when doing the take-home examination.

You should answer the exam questions in your own words. Assessment will be based on your ability to apply concepts and ideas from your course(s). Therefore, you should NOT rely on quoting or citing other sources in your answers. You are not expected to quote from other sources in your answers, whether directly or indirectly, in the take-home examination.
You should also complete the take-home examination on your own. You are not allowed to discuss, share, or check your answers with other examinees or any third party.
By extension, cheating in any form, such as plagiarism, collusion with others, or impersonation of or by another person, is serious violation of the University’s regulations on academic integrity. In cases where a student is suspected to have violated the University’s expectations of academic integrity, committed any disciplinary offense or violated any rule of regulation of the University, his/her case will be investigated thoroughly and shall be dealt with in accordance with the University’s Regulations Governing Academic Integrity and Student Discipline.

What would be the arrangement for students with disabilities or special educational needs?
If you have previously applied for special examination arrangements, you should have received an email from the Examination Office with specific arrangements pertaining to your requests and needs. If the arrangement does not address your special needs or you have other question on the examination arrangements, please contact the Examination Office at 2768 6686 or email to regexam@ouhk.edu.hk.  You should have also received an email from the School about the examination arrangament.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ba_exams@ouhk.edu.hk.
What would be the arrangement for students sitting supplementary/ re-sit/ deferred examinations?

If you are arranged to sit a supplementary, re-sit or deferred examination in this term, you will be doing the take-home examination paper as well.

For students who are scheduled to take a re-sit/deferred examination, you should be able to access OLE as usual.

For students who are scheduled to take a supplementary examination, you should have received an email about the access link to OLE.
If you have any questions regarding the examination procedures, please contact ba@ouhk.edu.hk or 2768 6940.   
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