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    Staffs are required to enter their Username and Single Password to access secure OUHK online services

    Your Single Password will replace your old password(s) for OUHK online services .

    Your online services username

    The Username for staff is :     your staff e-mail name.
    (For example, if your staff e-mail address is  '',  then your Username is 'makc'.)
    You can use this username to logon the online services mentioned below.

    Your Single Password

    To create your Single Password choose the option below.


    Create Single Password
    OUHK staff




    Password Policy
    1.   When you change Single Password
        •   Your new password MUST be 8 to 12 alphanumeric characters (A-Za-z0-9, case sensitive) in length
        •   Your new password MUST contain at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter and number
        •   Your new password MUST not reuse last 3 passwords you have already used
        •   New password will have minimum password age of 2 days. Therefore, password could not be changed again 
            within 2 days
    2.   You should change password regularly.  You will receive change password notification email when your password
          age approaches 180 days.
    3.   To avoid unauthorized login attempt, user account will be locked for 15 minutes after 10 failed attempts. 
    Online Services Accessible by Single-Password
    •     MyOUHK
    •     eServices in OUHK Website (Staff)
    •     Staff e-mail
    •     Online Learning Environment
    •     E-Library

    Note:  Depending on your job assignment, you may not have full access right to the above online services.

    Change Password for OUHK Website (Staff) Special User
    •     OUHK Website (Staff) special user, e.g. departmental accounts, can manage the password here .

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    Modified Date: Feb 24, 2015

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