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    Press Release 

     * OUHK Sets up the 1st Research Institute for Digital Culture & Humanities (RiDCH) in Hong Kong     17/12/2015
     * OUHK congratulates 6000 fresh graduates and announces University Motto     15/12/2015
     * OUHK to confer four outstanding personages       20/11/2015
     * OUHK Appointed as the Assessment Agency of the Testing, Inspection & Certification Industry       07/11/2015
     * OUHK confers Honorary University Fellowships on four distinguished leaders       06/11/2015
     * OUHK Sets Up New Centre to Promote Chinese Culture       29/10/2015
     * All of Hong Kong is OUHK’s Lecture Hall
    ‘Open for Learning’ on TVB Pearl every Sunday morning
     * OUHK to confer Honorary University Fellowships
    on four distinguished leaders
     * Alumna Katie Shu donated to OUHK in support of Research and Publication to support academic research and promote intellectual exchange       15/09/2015
     * OUHK Arctic Research Expedition
    Nurturing young researchers through polar studies
     * OUHK Scholarships Hit New Record
    Benefitting 600 Students
     * Community Healthcare Gets a Major Boost       18/07/2015
     * OUHK Launches New Research Institute     09/07/2015
     * OUHK to launch Hong Kong’s first Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicinal Nursing       09/06/2015
     * Visits by the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce (in Chinese only)     01/06/2015
     * OUHK signed Memorandum of Understanding with South University of Science and Technology of China (in Chinese only)     27/05/2015
     * OUHK Website and Student Administration System won IT awards       22/04/2015
     * OUHK Jubilee College awarded BEAM Plus Platinum Project award       17/04/2015
     * About 300 OUHK students were awarded scholarships by Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS)       15/04/2015
     * OUHK signed Memorandum of Understanding today with
    Turkey Bahçeşehir University (BAU) on Exchange Programmes Collaboration
     * Lifelong Learning Council of Singapore paid visit to OUHK today       20/03/2015
     * Celebrating Year of the Goat with news media       26/02/2015
     * OUHK launched Truck Promotional Roadshow to
    encourage everyone to “Sprint to your Dreams @OUHK”
     * OUHK graduates talk about their learning experiences       11/01/2015
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