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TC S319
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Quality Management for Science and Technology
Start Date
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Future Terms
Aut 2017
Higher 1 term 5
Aut 2018, Aut 2019

Course Coordinator: Dr George H K Lau, BEng (Hons) (University of Northumbria); MPhil (HK PolyU); PhD (HKU); MIEEE, MIET

Course Developer: Alfred Wong, Consultant

This course is a core course of the BSc and BSc (Hons) in Product Design,Testing and Certification programmes.

This course introduces students to the importance of quality management in relation to the design of products/processes or services. The overall aim of this course is to introduce to students the basic principles and practices of quality management in the fields of science and technology.

Advisory prerequisite(s)
There are no prerequisites for the course.

This course aims to:

  • Introduce students to contemporary concepts and philosophies of quality and its assurance;

  • Familiarize students with the statistical tools and international standards commonly adopted in the quality assurance process;

  • Familiarize students with quality management principles and practices.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to quality management

  • Quality tools and techniques

  • Statistical process control and acceptance sampling

  • Quality management systems

  • Total quality management and Six Sigma

Learning support
There will be five two-hour tutorials and six two-hour surgeries throughout the course.

There are three tutor-marked assignments and a written final examination.

Online requirement
This course is supported by the Online Learning Environment (OLE). You can find the latest course information from the OLE. Through the OLE, you can communicate electronically with your tutor and the Course Coordinator as well as other students. To access the OLE, learners will need to have access to the Internet. The use of the OLE is required for the study of this course. All tutorials and surgeries will be video recorded and available for playback from the OLE.

Students will need access to a computer system suitable for connecting to the Internet.

Set book(s)
There are no set books for this course.