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OUHK to kick start community services on its anniversary fun day 24/02/2014


Over 2,000 students, alumni and staff members of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) spent a joyful day with their families and friends at a fun day organized by the OUHK at Disneyland yesterday (23 February), celebrating the University's silver jubilee. The University also plans to establish a volunteer team, engaging staff members and students to actively participate in community services and care for the underprivileged groups.

A celebration ceremony at an exclusive Lion King show was held at which OUHK Council Chairman Dr Eddy C Fong, President Prof. John C Y Leong, Vice President (Academic) Prof. Danny Wong and the 25th Anniversary Steering Committee Chairman Dr Vincent Woo marched in with the Disney characters to kick off the fun day. Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Leong said a dedicated OUHK volunteer team is to be formed to start a series of community services to spread love and care.

The University always encourages students to be responsible citizens and to contribute to society by participating in volunteer services. It is hoped that students could further extend spirit of love and care through engaging in social services. A number of visually impaired individuals and volunteers from the Hong Kong Blind Union were invited to attend the fun day.

A team of volunteers comprising students and staff from the Computer Engineering programme of OUHK's School of Science and Technology had participated in a computer repair project orgranised by the Hong Kong Blind Union earlier on. The project provided the Union's needy members with second-hand repaired computers and Internet access. Volunteers helped fix the old computers and equipped them with screen readers and Braille input software. Last year, the team took part in the development of a mobile app specifically designed for visually impaired persons named 'Searching & Exploring with Speech Augmented Map Information'. The users can understand their current position and the surrounding environment based on the GPS location through the app.

Prof. Leong hoped that staff and students could engage in social services while celebrating the University's 25th anniversary. He said, "Launching volunteer activities in the University can help increasing communication and solidarity between staff, students and alumni, as well as enhancing social harmony. Preparation work has been in full swing within the University. We hope that staff members, students and alumni could join hands to spare their leisure time to provide care and assistance to the disadvantages and the needy in the community."


Picture 1: Officiating party, visually impaired persons and volunteers from the Hong Kong Blind Union, and student representatives with the Disney characters to kick off the fun day.
Picture 2: President Prof. John Leong called upon students and staff to participate in community services and care for the underprivileged groups.
Picture 3 & 4: To add on the celebration excitement, a lucky draw with amazing prizes was held in the exclusive Lion King Show.
Picture 5: Over 2,000 students, alumni and staff members attended the OUHK 25th Anniversary Fun Day with their families and friends.

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