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TC S888F
Research Project in Testing and Certification
Start Date
Course Level Length in Terms Credits
Fees ($)
(including lab fees)
Future Terms
Aut 2017
Postgraduate 2 terms 10
Aut 2018, Aut 2019

Course Coordinator: Dr George H K Lau, BEng (Hons) (University of Northumbria); MPhil (HK PolyU); PhD (HKU); MIEEE, MIET

Fees: This course will be charged via a lock-in fee system. Please refer to the fee table ‘2017 Autumn term courses’ (pages 24–26).

Important notes
This course will be taught through a part-time face-to-face mode. Lecture and/or laboratory classes will be scheduled on Saturday afternoons or Sundays.

The aim of the project courses is to enable students to integrate the knowledge and skills that they have gained from the rest of the programme in order to perform independent research in the areas of Testing and Certification. This course is a compulsory course for all students in the MSc in Testing and Certification programme. MSc students are expected to take the research project as the final course in the programme sequence.

Students taking the project course may carry out the laboratory work in the OUHK Testing and Certification Laboratories, at their workplace, or at home. Each project student will be assigned with a project supervisor. The lecture and/or laboratory classes, in which students meet with their supervisors, will be held regularly in the classrooms and/or Testing and Certification laboratories. In addition to this, students can also communicate with their supervisors at other times through the discussion board, by email and by phone.

The course has no conventional course materials. However, students will be required to read specific scientific materials available in journals and reference books. This course will expose students to research problems yet to be tackled in the areas of Testing and Certification and enable students to understand the directions that scholars are taking to find solutions.

A typical research project would require students to collect, analyse and evaluate appropriate and relevant data in order to enhance their understanding and awareness of the issues related to the project, so as to generate new ideas to solve the problem concerned.

Learning support
There will be regular face-to-face lecture and/or laboratory classes appropriately spaced to maximize supervisor–student interaction.

There will be an project proposal, interim report, oral presentation, and a final report. There may also be oral examinations when necessary.

Online requirement
This course is supported by the Online Learning Environment (OLE). You can find the latest course information from the OLE. Through the OLE, you can communicate electronically with your supervisor as well as other students. To access the OLE, you will need to have access to the Internet. The use of the OLE is required for the study of this course.

Students will need access to a computer system suitable for connecting to the Internet.

Set book(s)
There are no set books for this course.

Students with disabilities or special educational needs
Depending on the nature of the project, a particular disability or special educational need may make it difficult to carry out the project. You are encouraged to seek advice from the Course Coordinator before enrolling on the course.