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OUHK full-time graduates share learning experiences 25/06/2009




About 86% of the full-time graduates of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) in 2008 were employed or pursuing further studies six months after graduation, according to survey results announced today (25 June) by Prof. Danny Wong, the University's Vice President (Academic) today (25 June). The average monthly salary for those employed was around $10,000, similar to the year before.

The survey was conducted from December 2008 to late January 2009 by means of questionnaires and telephone interviews on the University's 836 full-time graduates last year, with a response rate of 90.7%.

According to survey results, 78.7% and 7.4% of the 759 respondents were in full-time employment and pursuing further studies respectively. About 82% of them had received one to three job offers. The highest paid graduate was earning $21,880 a month.

The survey also showed that about 84.7% of the graduates worked in the business or industrial sector, followed by 5.8% in educational institutions, 5.7% in community/social services and 3.8% in the civil service.

Ms Jacqueline Cheng, OUHK's Head of Public Affairs, introduced four full-time graduates this year to the media.

"Our two Bachelor of Nursing programmes will have their first batch of full-time graduates this year. There are 92 graduates in total, 54 majoring in general health care and 38 in mental health care. We anticipate that they will be fully employed," said Ms Cheng.

Below are the profiles of the four full-time graduates:

Lin Lai-na worked in a digital picture production company as an animator after finishing her Bachelor's degree in creative media at the City University of Hong Kong. Lai-na had to spend long hours before a computer screen but she likes meeting and communicating with people. She later quitted the job and worked in a clinic as an assistant. Unexpectedly, the clinic job brought her a great sense of fulfillment and ignited her interest in joining the nursing profession. After evaluating the nursing programmes offered by various local institutions, Lai-na opted for the OUHK's Bachelor of Nursing degree with Honours in General Health Care. She will graduate this year. Apart from the knowledge and skills gained from the courses, Lai-na experienced a lot during her practicum training. Her whole-hearted dedication to work won her the trust of patients. Their thank you cards not only showed their appreciation for her performance, but also reminded Lai-na to do her best in taking care of patients. Whenever Lai-na puts on her uniform now, she feels a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Lai-na will start working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at the end of July. She plans to pursue a master's degree later for further professional development.

Kenny Ngai's father passed away when he was very young. While studying secondary school, he decided to become a health care professional so as to take the best care of his ailing sister and aged mother. After obtaining his Associate Degree in health studies, Kenny immediately applied for the OUHK's Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care programme. Nevertheless, he was admitted to the Mental Health Care programme because of his eloquence and outgoing personality. Kenny started the professional training that gradually changed his perception of mental health care. Understanding that mental illnesses are often due to gloominess and depression, he began to use various skills learned from classes and practicum training to communicate with patients and relieve their distress. He has since developed a deep interest in mental health care and considers it a meaningful life-long career.

Connie Leung Ho-yi joined the OUHK after completing Form 7 and gained an honours degree in social sciences this year. She enjoyed her days at the OUHK very much and actively participated in various extra-curricular activities. She was the chairlady of the Christian Fellowship at the University for two consecutive years, and once joined an exchange tour to Taiwan. Having been a student ambassador throughout her studies, Connie was glad to have the opportunity to participate in various events and serve as emcee on important occasions like the anniversary banquet and the Campus Phase Two ground-breaking ceremony of the University. A veteran in voluntary services, Connie decided to develop her career in social service after university. To pave her way to this goal, she studied social sciences and worked part-time in an NGO so as to gain relevant work experience. Her earlier academic results were far from satisfactory, but she managed to catch up and make great improvements under the guidance and encouragement of caring teachers and faculty members. Finally she was able to graduate with pleasing results and received a job offer as a welfare worker immediately after graduation. She plans to continue her studies for a master's degree in the coming year, moving a step closer to her dream of becoming a social worker.

Jossta Zhang enrolled in the OUHK's full-time programme four years ago, right after getting the permit to come to Hong Kong from mainland China to join her parents. She was then studying at Harbin Normal University where the medium of instruction was Chinese. Although the social sciences courses are mainly taught in English at the OUHK, she overcame the barrier by studying even harder and was awarded the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship in 2008 and named an Outstanding Student this year. Encouraged by professors and teachers, Jossta participated actively in various extra-curricular activities. Last year, she was among the outstanding representatives from local universities selected to join the Global Citizenship Programme organized by the Dragon Foundation. The tour to New York in June, which explored the relationship between innovation, creativity and the city's development, has inspired her to keep an open mind to new experiences. Jossta will be conferred a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree with Honours this year. She will go to the University of Helsinki in Finland in September to study for a master's degree in social sciences to further widen her horizons.


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(1) From left : Jossta Zhang, Connie Leung Ho-yi, Vice President (Academic) Prof. Danny Wong, Head of Public Affairs Ms Jacqueline Cheng, Lin Lai-na and Kenny Ngai

(2) From left : Jossta Zhang, Connie Leung Ho-yi, Lin Lai-na and Kenny Ngai

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