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    A mission to promote lifelong learning
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    President's Message


    A mission to promote lifelong learning

    LiPACE celebrates its 20th Anniversary

    Academic Activities and Alliances

    Major joint forum on Hong Kong’s environmental futurevideo

    Stronger collaboration between Hong Kong and mainland universities

    Centre for industrialization of microalgae technology established

    Sponsorship and Donations

    CGCC-sponsored student exchange programmes

    Language immersion at the University of Warwick

    Youth Arch–OUHK Improvement Scholarship

    Student Achievements
    Outstanding performance recognized:
    120 students receive Government scholarships
    Student Achievements

    LiPACE’s 20th birthday!

    ICT Conference demonstrates emerging technologiesvideo

    Nearly 10% increase in monthly salaries of OUHK full-time graduates


    Professor Yvonne Fung:
    Fulfilment from years of work in education

    New Council members

    Stories of 2012 full-time programme graduates video

    New academic staff

    Programmes and Courses

    Diploma in Health Studies (Community Health Care)

    LiPACE updates

    Alumni Affairs

    Alumni Link Talks — Doctor Sharing Series

    Fundraising appeal for the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund

    Graduates’ Roundtable: Models of lifelong learning

    Alumni Evening — Roof Garden Party video

    Summer internships organized by Alumni Association of Social Sciences

    Aedas Secret Spaces — Experiencing art first-hand

    Mainland Links

    Student Support and Activities


    Upcoming events

    New active learning space in Library

    OUHK participates in Information Expo on Multiple Pathways 2012

    New Publication

    A mission to promote lifelong learning

    The OUHK established the Centre for Continuing and Community Education in 1992, dedicated to providing professional and continuing education programmes. The centre was subsequently renamed the Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education in 2000 as one of the five academic units of the University.

    In its early years, LiPACE offered primarily foundation courses in support of the University’s distance learning programmes. In 1998, the Institute set its mission as promoting lifelong learning, dedicating itself to helping people of different backgrounds and ages in their personal development and career advancement through education.

    Professional programmes

    Through its own initiative and partnerships with leading organizations, LiPACE has developed an array of pioneering programmes in diverse disciplines to support the career aspirations of Hong Kong’s working adults.


    Full-time programmes

    LiPACE extended its scope of service to young people by offering its first full-time programme, the Yi Jin programme, in 2000. Full-time Pre-associate Degree, Diploma and Higher Diploma programmes were subsequently launched.


    Overseas degree programmes

    LiPACE’s first overseas programme, the Master of Accounting programme, was launched in collaboration with Australia’s Curtin University of Technology in 1996. Subsequently more overseas degrees programmes have been offered jointly with universities in the UK and the mainland. Programmes in law, Chinese medicine, business administration, accounting, fashion design, psychology and pop music are available for individuals to advance their professional knowledge and credentials.


    Community learning programmes

    LiPACE encourages people of different ages and backgrounds to continue learning through community learning projects. In 2004, LiPACE joined hands with the Women’s Commission to launch the Capacity Building Mileage Programme (CBMP) to help women realize their potential. In 2009, it started operating the Elder Academy, providing continuing education opportunities to those aged 60 or above. The Institute has also made continuous efforts in promoting the concept of lifelong learning to the general public through organizing a number of public seminars over the past decade.

    ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’

    LiPACE’s Director Prof. Lui Yu-hon said, ‘Having the disadvantage of being relatively “young and small,” LiPACE has adopted the “Blue Ocean Strategy” since 2000 — opening up uncontested new markets by offering innovative and unique programmes.’

    He said LiPACE was a pioneer in launching the first professional programme in e-commerce in 2000, which received an impressive response. Other educational institutions subsequently launched similar courses. Building on this successful precedent, LiPACE has continued to roll out pioneering programmes such as wine appreciation, in-flight services, radio hosting and renal nursing. Its unsurpassed creativity in curriculum development has made a number of its programmes market leaders.

    Rapid development

    While the success of the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ has resulted in a steady growth in students numbers, Yi Jin programmes have been well received by secondary school leavers. The Yi Jin Certificate in Disciplinary Forces launched in 2007 even set the record for the largest enrolment in a single programme among all Project Yi Jin programmes.

    These sound achievements have given the Institute a strong boost. A Full-time Programme Team and a Non-local Programme Team were subsequently formed to support the expansion of local and overseas sub-degree and degree programmes. With the implementation of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, the Institute will launch its first Yi Jin Diploma programme this September.

    Since the presentation of its first ‘academic–industry’ collaborative programme in 2005, the Institute has been joining hands with leading organizations in various industries to introduce new programmes. The successful Professional Diploma in Inflight Service launched with Cathay Pacific Airways Limited and the Professional Certificate in Stage Performance launched with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre are two examples.

    Both the number of courses and student enrolment have risen continuously at LiPACE over the past 20 years. At present, the Institute has a cumulative enrolment of over 300,000.

    Facility enhancements and system optimization

    In view of its growing number of students, the Institute has set up learning centres in Sheung Wan, Kowloon Bay and Lai King. Unique facilities like a design studio and a psychology laboratory have also been set up, catering to the learning needs of students of individual programmes.

    LiPACE has received full support from the OUHK management. Addressing its unique features and needs, the Institute was authorized to set up a reserve system. The system enables LiPACE to make flexible use of resources, thus enhancing administrative efficiency. It was also empowered to adopt a performance-based pay scheme, which has effectively improved staff motivation.

    Moving forward

    Over the past two decades, LiPACE programmes have been widely recognized in society. At present, over 140 LiPACE programmes have been registered under the Qualifications Framework, and more than 160 courses have been included in the list of Continuing Education Fund reimbursable courses, while the Capacity Building Mileage Programme has just been funded as a recurrent project by the HKSAR Government. The Institute’s efforts in providing quality education programmes and promoting lifelong learning have led to proven results.

    Prof. Lui used building blocks as a metaphor for the development of the Institute. ‘We add new programmes and courses whenever there are changes and rising needs in society. In the future, we will maintain our vision and mission, working together to reach even greater heights.’

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