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  •  Openlink Vol 20 Issue 2 (June 2011)
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    OUHK graduate and student awarded ‘Top Ten Regeneration Warriors’
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    President's Message
    Jockey Club Audio-Visual Production Centre at the OUHK inaugurated
    OUHK hosts testing and certification summit
    High turnout at Study Planning Day
    OUHK partners with LG on content for Smart TV
    New series of Open for Learning
    Learner-centred study featured at Education and Careers Expo
    Jockey Club Audio-Visual Production Centre
    Academic Activities and Alliances
    Positive response to tertiary education recommendations
    The ACU Conference of Executive Heads 2011
    Council Chair talks about financial markets
    Guangdong nurses visit OUHK
    Career prospects for young industrialists
    Dean of Science & Technology hosts environmental education forum
    Visit from Lahore University in Pakistan
    OUHK partners with Caritas to train IT professionals
    President conferred Honorary Doctorate by HKU
    New academic staff
    OUHK graduate and student awarded ‘Top Ten Regeneration Warriors’
    Sponsorship and Donations
    Positive results for the Government Matching Grant
    'Open Your Eyes': Support the OUHK New College
    Programmes and Courses
    Survey shows increase in monthly salary of OUHK full-time graduates
    New programmes
    LiPACE updates
    Mainland Links
    OUHK signs MOU with Yunnan Open University
    Higher education institutions seminar explores opportunities for collaboration
    OUHK takes part in the 16th China International Education Exhibition Tour
    Visit to San Jiang University in Nanjing
    Alumni Affairs
    Student Support and Activities

    OUHK graduate and student awarded ‘Top Ten Regeneration Warriors’

    Raymond Lau Wai-ming
    A lonely but fulfilling journey of study

    Raymond Lau Wai-ming has been suffering from spinal muscular atrophy since birth. His life has never been easy, as his physical ability declines day by day. The ‘Top Ten Regeneration Warriors’ honour recently awarded to him is undoubtedly a recognition of his determination to live a wonderful life.

    Upon completion of secondary education, Raymond went on to study a diploma course in accountancy and successfully found a job in the field. At that time he was still able to move with ease. However, he broke his arm in an accident and could no longer go out to work afterwards. Gradually, he started living in his own world and isolating himself from others.

    Instead of idling away his time, Raymond was determined to fulfill his dream of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree at the OUHK. With an introverted personality and limited physical ability, Raymond’s study path was tough and lonely. Yet, he found pleasure in it. ‘Studying with a wealth of time and under no pressure for good grades is an opportunity that is hard to come by. I enjoyed it very much,’ Raymond said with visible satisfaction in his eyes.

    Raymond obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies in 1997 after five years of hard work, with his interest shifting from business to literary studies gradually. He enjoyed learning, especially through the extraordinary study mode offered by the OUHK, which gave him the greatest flexibility possible to arrange his own study pace.

    At the age of 35, Raymond finally came to realize that he should step out of his world. He started making friends with doctors, nurses, patient groups and volunteers. That also began a new chapter in his life. He became the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Neuro-muscular Disease Association, which works to improve the life quality of people with neuro-muscular disease by creating a favourable social environment for them.

    Raymond understands very well the consequence of his illness. He is equally well aware that many things in life are out of his control. Yet, he believes he is able to live a fulfilling life. ‘You never know. Great things may come to you any second. So why not hang on?’ said Raymond.

    Lolitta Ho Yan-yee
    Never give up

    Lolitta Ho Yan-yee had a brainstem stroke in late 2003 and fell into a coma for the following months. When she emerged from the coma, she found herself suffering from stiff joints and frequent muscle spasms, unable to stand or speak. After years of difficult training, she can now type slowly with both hands and write her story word by word.

    ‘My name is Ho Yan-yee, Lolitta. I was a secondary school student without a care in the world until the time I suffered from a brainstem stroke that almost left me in a vegetative state. One night, when I was 17 and studying in Form Six, I suddenly felt a serious pain in my eye while watching television at home. At first I thought that I might have got sand into my eyes, but I fell unconscious when I tried to get up to rinse my eyes. After I had gone through five or six brain operations and had been in a coma for five months, I slowly began to awaken from the coma. What awaited me was a host of training sessions, as I had to learn to walk and pronounce words again ...

    Later, I was determined to resume study. Taking courses at the OUHK helps me to train my brain. With all of the learning materials available on a CD, I am able to study whenever I like. This also allows me to go back to school life like other teenagers. I have been working very hard to achieve excellence and want to be the same as everybody else. While many people thought that I would spend the rest of my life lying in bed, with perseverance and determination, I have not only successfully gone back to school and continued my study, but have also received the ‘Top Ten Regeneration Warriors’ award. I believe everyone should adopt lifelong learning and strive to do their best.

    I am fortunate to have joined the OUHK, which has helped me to get through some very difficult times. I learned a lot from my experience and would like to encourage those who are suffering from adversities: whenever you encounter setbacks, remain positive, work hard and do not put the blame on others. As long as you keep striving and never give up, tomorrow will be another day!’

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