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    President's Message
    Sponsorship and Donations
    Donations for campus phase two reach $136 million

    The T H Chan Memorial Scholarship for Nurses

    Recent donations
    Academic Activities and Alliances
    Accolades for academic achievements
    Talk for the Alumni Fund on the challenges facing parents of e-generation children
    Programmes and Courses
    Full-time programmes of the School of Arts and Social Sciences
    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language and Translation
    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese Language and Literature
    Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours
    LiPACE updates
    Professional Diploma in Quality Service Management
    New programmes
    Diploma in Early Childhood Education
    Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law
    Full-time MBA
    New A&SS Dean
    Prof. Kwok-kan Tam

    Superintendent goes back to class

    New staff on board
    Prof. John C Y Leong reappointed as President
    Appointment of Director of Full-time Programmes
    Student Support and Activities

    Taking an exam on Tai Tung Shan

    OUHK out in force to recruit mainland students
    Career Day for full-time students
    Pitching in for campus development

    Mental Health Awareness Week

    Tips on stress management from former Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police

    Talk on development of a constitutional government in China
    Award in taekwondo competition
    Badminton trophy for translation student
    Upcoming activities of the Christian Fellowship (Full-time Programme)
    Dancing Society annual gala

    Music Society singing contest

    Join the Christian Fellowship
    Upcoming events to watch out for
    2007 International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning
    New books



    A Systemic Functional Grammar of Chinese

    Full-time programmes of the School of Arts and Social Sciences

    Student Statistics of full-time programmes of the School of Arts and Social Sciences
    Total no:   Previous educational level
    352 (about 16% of all OUHK full-time students)    
    Male/Female ratio: 4:6    
    Average age: 21    
    Youngest: 17    
    Oldest: 55    
    (25 students are 25 years old or above)    

    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language and Translation
    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese Language and Literature
    Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours

    Programme leader: Assistant Professor Dr Lam Chun-mo

    Half of the full-time students of the School of Arts and Social Sciences study social sciences. Since the programme's launch in 2004, the number of students has grown to 190. According to Dr Lam Chun-Mo, the programme adopts an integrated approach to help students build up a firm foundation in different areas of social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, political science/public administration and economics, in the first and second years of studies. They can then choose to take any available social sciences courses in their third and fourth years of studies based on their interests and career plans. The programme was restructured last year and more elective courses are now offered to students in their senior years of studies. Dr Lam said a prized feature of the programme is the close relationship between students and teachers. He believes this is conducive to a warm learning environment for students and thus the success of the programme. To further extend the curriculum, two new three-year honours degree programmes specializing in applied social studies and psychology started to admit students through JUPAS this year.

    Michael Ng, Lecturer in Economics

    Michael Ng (left) is the youngest academic staff member of the School. He has taught at the University of Science and Technology, City University and CUHK-Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College, but has found his present job most fulfilling. 'What impressed me most about OUHK students is their willingness to learn. You feel really great when students who were afraid of economics in the beginning make great improvements and tell you they love it. I'm glad that some of them have gained entry into master's degree programmes at local universities. Sometimes they bought me snacks and drinks during recess and shared with me the ups and downs in their personal lives. Nowhere else was I able to develop this kind of rapport with students,' he said. Michael tried to think of himself as a student when preparing his teaching notes and explain economic theories using real-life examples that young people could understand.

    Year 2 student Jossta Zhang

    Jossta Zhang was halfway through her economics and legal studies at Harbin Normal University when she got permission to come to Hong Kong to join her parents. The OUHK allowed her to enter the social sciences programme at Year 2, but she opted to start from Year 1. 'The medium of instruction at Harbin Normal University was Chinese, while social sciences are mainly taught in English at the OUHK. So subjects like University English Writing Skills were really useful in helping me adjust to the new environment,' she said. Jossta clearly made a wise decision, as she has since obtained some 'pass one' results. Her favourite subject is psychology, and she professes to be a fan of Associate Professor Dr Cheuk Wai-hing: 'His teaching is systematic and tightly knit. It's a blessing for us to be taught by such a good teacher.' Jossta spends at least eight hours in the OUHK Library every weekday, and hopes to pursue a PhD in the future. 'There is so much freedom and so many opportunities in Hong Kong; I think it's a pity if we don't work hard towards our goals,' she said. Jossta won awards for Chinese painting in high school and enjoys reading in her leisure time.

    Year 3 student Peggy Chiu

    When Peggy Chiu moved from City University's associate degree in translation programme to the OUHK in 2004, she had quite a hard time grasping the fundamentals of social sciences entirely foreign territory for her. Three years on, she has developed an intense interest in the area, so much so that she recently received an award for her high marks in the course Introduction to Macroeconomics. 'Studying at the OUHK has made me a more confident person. The teachers here helped me a lot. They are more like friends to us, sharing with us not just their professional knowledge but also tips on career planning and how to solve personal problems,' she said. Peggy has fond memories of an exchange visit to Taiwan she helped organize as vice-chair of the Social Sciences Society. She works part-time at HSBC as an HR clerk and is planning to develop a career in banking.

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