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BUS B171
  More information: Course Guide
Business Statistics
Start Date
Course Level Duration Credits
Fees ($)
(including lab fees)
Future Semesters
Foundation 1 semester 5
Apr 2015, Oct 2015
Apr 2016, Oct 2016

Course Coordinator: Mr Ken Chan, BA (Hons); MA (York, Toronto)

Course Developer: Ken Chan Chi Keung, OUHK

This course aims to provide learners with a conceptual and methodological introduction to statistics in a business context. It introduces standard statistical measures to summarize data and various graphing tools to display data. The course also explains the process of performing statistical inference and its many applications in business decision-making.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Data and descriptive statistics

  • Probability and probability distributions

  • Sampling distributions and interval estimation

  • Hypothesis testing for one population

  • Hypothesis testing for two populations and a chi-squared test

Learning support
There will be three two-hour tutorials, four three-hour tutorials and eight two-hour surgeries. Normally, tutors on duty will provide individual help to students in the scheduled surgeries.

There are two tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and one three-hour examination. Students must use word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) to prepare the TMAs, and submit the TMAs via the Online Learning Environment (OLE).

Students will need access to a personal computer with an Internet connection.

Students will need access to Microsoft Excel for Windows.

Set book(s)
Keller, G (2012) Managerial Statistics, 9th edn, South-Western Cengage Learning.

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