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  • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Marketing and Supply Chain Management

    Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Marketing and Supply Chain Management is a 4-year degree programme. Applicants can apply for admission to Year 1 or Senior Year.

    Year 1 entry#   Programme code: BBAHGMSMJ1
    Senior year entry*   Programme code: BBAHGMSMJS
    # SSSDP subsidy is not applicable to non-local applicants/students of this programme.
    * Applicants will be considered for admission to different years of the study programme depending on individual academic merits and other relevant factors. Senior year entry applicants/students of this programme are NOT eligible for subsidy under SSSDP.


    Entry Requirement



    The programme is designed to provide high quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various aspects of global marketing and supply chain management for those who wish to pursue their careers as an analyst, manager or specialist in such departments as transportation, logistics, purchasing/procurement, warehousing and international trade.

    Applicants should also read further information about the BBA (Hons) programme such as entry requirement, professional recognition and exemptions, language of instruction and duration of programme. Please click here for details.

    Career prospects

    Graduates can find work in a wide range of career options in marketing and supply chain management.

    Further studies

    Opportunities are available for the graduates of this programme to pursue postgraduate studies in Hong Kong and abroad. Students may continue to study for a Master of Business Administration or other master degrees in business-related areas.

    Programme structure

    Please click the hyperlink(s) below to view the programme structure:

    Year 1 entry   Programme code: BBAHGMSMJ1
    Senior year entry   Programme code: BBAHGMSMJS


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    Student activities

    Shantou Exchange Study Tour 2017

    Our lectures were about International Business and Business Opportunities in China that they were very informative and opened up my mind to consider working in China where the economy had been constantly growing. The lectures also made me comprehend the importance of understanding the culture of the country that I would decide to work in the future as there are potential challenges that need to be considered.

    We had a game with the Shantou University rugby team. As we were in mixed teams, it was a good way for me to communicate with new people and to make new friends. Even though this was just a sports game, it made me understand how crucial it would be to have people with different personalities working together in a team in order to succeed.

    To have a better understanding of the real world business situations, we visited the office building of Ban Bao, a company that created building blocks for educational toys. During the visit, we got to see behind the scenes of how the company’s products were created and what kinds of skills (e.g. communication skills, leadership skills) were needed in a business environment for a company to run smoothly. We were lucky to be able to meet and talk with one of the heads of the company, who explained to us their competitive advantage over Lego, their biggest competitor.

    This trip was not only an educational one but a cultural one as well. It was nice to see different elements of the Chinese culture put into various architectures and the meaning behind each of them.


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