Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Science (Energy and Environment)

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Science (Energy and Environment) is a two-year top-up degree programme.

Year 3 entry   Programme code: BSCHEEF3
Total credits: 80

Students will need to complete 80 credits' worth of courses for the top-up programme at honours level; this can be completed over four terms. Students have the option of an early exit at Bachelor’s Degree level upon completion of 40 credits’ worth of courses.

Holders of a Higher Diploma / Associate Degree in various disciplines of applied science awarded by the IVE, or those with equivalent qualifications at Higher Diploma or Associate Degree level may apply to this programme.


This programme aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of theories, practices, research methods and skills in the field of energy and environment. Students will be trained in quality management relating to energy and environmental issues.

Programme structure

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Career prospect

Graduates of this programme will have the competence to serve as green managers, assistant green managers, environmental inspectors, or environmental supervisors in relevant professions. Most graduates work in laboratories after graduation.

Further studies

Students can apply for further studies in MSc or MPhil in tertiary institutions.

Language of instruction


Duration of programme

• 1 year (Bachelor’s Degree)

• 2 years (Bachelor’s Degree with Honours)

Contact information
Dr Y. H. Yau (Programme Leader)
(852) 2768 6827
Dr Y. K. Wong (Programme Coordinator)
(852) 2768 6883


Student achievements/activities
Students participated in environmental research in the Arctic Village.
Students won Silver Prize Award in the “China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2016”
Students won five awards (including “Second-place” and “Third-place” awards) in the “14th Challenge Cup AVIC National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Contest 2015”