Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance is a three-year programme. Applicants can apply for admission to Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3.

Year 1 entry   Programme code: BBABFF1
Total credits: 120
Year 2 entry   Programme code: BBABFF2
Total credits: 80
Year 3 entry   Programme code: BBABFF3
Total credits: 40

This programme includes basic and advanced courses which cover fundamental to more specialized knowledge of banking and finance. These courses aim to equip students with the essential skills to be banking or financial analysts. The comprehensive design of the curriculum nurtures students’ global perspectives to meet the challenges of globalization.

Applicants should also read further information about the BBA programme such as entry requirements, professional recognition and exemptions, language of instruction and duration of programme. Please click here for details.

Programme structure

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