Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and Translation BAHLTJ-Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and Translation

The Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and Translation is a four-year programme. Applicants can apply for admission to Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3.

Year 1 entry   Programme code: BAHLTJ1
Total credits: 160
Year 2 entry   Programme code: BAHLTJ2
Total credits: 120
Year 3 entry   Programme code: BAHLTJ3
Total credits: 80

Year 2 entry: For holders of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in any discipline.

Year 3 entry: For holders of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in a related area.


The programme aims to enable students to learn a range of language and translation skills. The latter encompass practical skills in dealing with the cultural dimension of translation; accounting for the differences between the English and Chinese languages; and handling translated texts in specialized areas, including law, business, public administration, and media.

This programme intends to bring students to a level of proficiency that enables them to be linguistically and analytically equipped to complete extended translation assignments and deal with linguistically- and culturally-related problems in translation. It also aims to enhance their language awareness, ability and confidence as practising language professionals.

Career prospects

This programme prepares students for a career as a professional translator or any language practitioner such as a language teacher. There is a variety of jobs available to the Language and Translation graduate in Hong Kong: in the civil service, public utilities, education, the mass media and commerce.

Further studies

Opportunities are available for the graduates of this programme to advance to postgraduate studies in Hong Kong and abroad. Some students continue to study for a master’s degree by coursework or research after graduation; and others pursue postgraduate studies part-time while working full-time. Some choose to study further in the field of language studies, legal translation and applied translation, while others study another subject area, such as linguistics, applied linguistics, bilingual studies and education according to their career plans.

Programme recognition

A degree holder in this programme with a relevant teacher training qualification is eligible to apply for exemption from the Language Proficiency Requirement for Teachers (English Language).

Programme structure

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Language of instruction

English and Cantonese

Duration of programme

• Year 1 entry: 4 years
• Year 2 entry: 3 years
• Year 3 entry: 2 years

Contact information
Dr Eden Sum-hung Li (Programme Leader)
(852) 2768 5907
For more details about the programme information, please refer to the programme website.
Year 1 entry   BAHLTJ1
Year 2 entry   BAHLTJ2
Year 3 entry   BAHLTJ3