Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology BSSCHPJ-Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology

The Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology is a four-year programme. Applicants can apply for admission to Year 1 or Year 2.

Year 1 entry   Programme code: BSSCHPJ1
Total credits: 160
Year 2 entry   Programme code: BSSCHPJ2
Total credits: 120

Year 2 entry: For holders of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in any discipline.


The psychology curriculum guides students to develop expertise and skills in the study of human behaviour. Specifically, the curriculum aims to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of psychology and its place among the social sciences; arouse their interest in the exploration of human behaviour and experience; familiarize them with the process of conducting and evaluating psychological research; and extend and apply what they have learnt to their own daily lives. Furthermore, upon successful completion of the psychology curriculum, students should have developed the aptitude and abilities necessary to pursue postgraduate or professional studies.

Career prospects

Many of the psychology graduates are employed in the areas of counseling, social services and psychology-related fields. Some of them are also working in the commercial sector in areas such as public relations, advertising, marketing, human resource management and market research.

Further studies

The programme also prepares psychology graduates with the skills and knowledge needed for postgraduate studies (by research or coursework) in psychology, such as clinical or educational psychology or other related fields.

Programme recognition

Having completed this psychology degree programme with satisfactory results, students should be eligible for graduate membership of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.

Programme structure

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Language of instruction


Duration of programme

Year 1 entry: 4 years
Year 2 entry: 3 years

Contact information
Full-time Social Sciences Programme Team
(852) 2768 6457
For more details about the programme information, please refer to the programme website.
Year 1 entry   BSSCHPJ1
Year 2 entry   BSSCHPJ2