Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects BFAHAVEJ-Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects is a four-year programme. Applicants can apply for admission to Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3.

Year 1 entry   Programme code: BFAHAVEJ1
SSSDP code: JSSU40
Total credits: 160
Year 2 entry   Programme code: BFAHAVEJ2
Total credits: 120
Year 3 entry   Programme code: BFAHAVEJ3
Total credits: 80

Year 2 entry: For holders of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in any discipline.

Year 3 entry: For holders of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in a related area.


This programme provides students with an in-depth, holistic education which serves to both cultivate their creativity and provide them with the practical skills necessary to achieve technical mastery in the art of animation and digital visual effects. The goal of this programme is to prepare students for advanced work in the creative industries. The programme focuses on seven areas: world arts and aesthetics; drawing and painting; 2D/3D animation; character animation; media production; creative storytelling; and digital visual effects. Students are assessed continually on the quality of their assignments, projects, essays, reports, presentations and/or examinations.

There are special facilities for this programme — a drawing studio, two new computer animation laboratories and one visual effects (VFx) studio. Students in this programme can also access other facilities, such as the film editing laboratory and sound studios.

Career prospects

The graduates of this programme will have a broad range of employment opportunities in many creative arts fields, such as film, TV, post-production houses, publishing, advertising, art education, and game and web design.

Further studies

Opportunities for postgraduate studies in animation arts and related fields are available in Hong Kong and abroad.

Programme recognition

Graduates are eligible to apply for membership of the Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals, the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators and other professional bodies.

Programme structure

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Language of instruction

English and Cantonese

Duration of programme

• Year 1 entry: 4 years
• Year 2 entry: 3 years
• Year 3 entry: 2 years

Contact information
Dr David Yip (Co-Programme Leader)
(852) 3120 2497
For more details about the programme information, please refer to the programme website.
Year 1 entry   BFAHAVEJ1
Year 2 entry   BFAHAVEJ2
Year 3 entry   BFAHAVEJ3

Student sharing

With their collaborative animation piece entitled Jenga in nature, five Year 2 students from the Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects programme received a merit award in a stop-motion animation competition sponsored by the Quality Education Fund.

The winners admit that they were not particularly enthusiastic about animation before joining the OUHK. But what they have learned so far in their studies has opened their eyes, and they have all developed a passion for the subject. In the past two years, they have spent a number of all-night sessions at the University studio with their teammates. ‘We are so lucky to have found our interest, been given the opportunity to learn about it, and identified a clear goal and direction to aim for,’ they all agree. The group love the University as they are touched by the lecturers’ enthusiasm both for animation and teaching, and have built close relationships with them. The students also hugely enjoy the countless hours they spend in the studio where they devote themselves to their coursework with their like-minded classmates.

The students have big plans for the future. They hope to work overseas in animation pre-production and broaden their horizons, look forward to becoming a true animation designer, and wish to create a popular Japanese-style comic and then transform it into animation and join the industry, turning their interest into a career and applying what they have learned in a professional context.