Openlink Vol 23 Issue 3 (September 2014)
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President's message
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President's Message

25th Anniversary Activities

OUHK Open Day
Distinguished Leaders Series:
Dr Anthony Neoh speaks on rule by law and will
Tertiary students demonstrate strengths in programmingvideo
Scholars and experts discuss issues related to ecology and preservation
Conference on technology and educational practices


Institutional Review 2014
Mapping out development plans for the next decade
OUHK welcomes over 300 subsidized places in the SSSDP
More efforts and resources to enhance student support and services

An ideal place for study and collaborative work

Student Achievements

Student Support and Activities

Sponsorship and Donations

Financial awards hit three-year record high
Students explore the world through sponsored study tours


Community Healthcare Day and Jockey Club Home Health Watch Programmevideo
Tsim Tak-lung discusses the key to improving English proficiencyvideo
Meeting with Kowloon City District Councillors
Business leaders visit the OUHK
Speaking on Hong Kong cultural change with wit and charm

Academic Activities and Alliances

Associate Vice President Prof. Ip Yiu-keung
Charting out a path for the future
New Council members
New academic staff
Mainland Links

Alumni Affairs

Outstanding Alumni Sharing Series — Boss Spiritvideo
Programmes and Courses
LiPACE updates

Tsim Tak-lung discusses the key to improving English proficiency

What is the key to improving English proficiency? Distinguished English language expert, columnist and media veteran Mr Tsim Tak-lung shared his experience in learning English at a talk given on 14 June. The talk was one of the activities of the OUHK Study Planning Day, which attracted a full house of more than 430 audience members.
In his talk, Mr Tsim stated that there is no one best way to learn English, and we each have to find a way that suits our own circumstances. Mr Tsim’s approach is to begin by learning the basic sounds and pronunciation of the language, and the grammar and usage; learning these two aspects of the language can be done at the same time, with each skill reinforcing the others. He supplemented his talk with many interesting examples, which he used to elucidate the importance of pronunciation and grammar, the common mistakes that we make in our daily lives, and the way to enhance our usage
of English.