Openlink Vol 23 Issue 3 (September 2014)
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President's message
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President's Message

25th Anniversary Activities

OUHK Open Day
Distinguished Leaders Series:
Dr Anthony Neoh speaks on rule by law and will
Tertiary students demonstrate strengths in programmingvideo
Scholars and experts discuss issues related to ecology and preservation
Conference on technology and educational practices


Institutional Review 2014
Mapping out development plans for the next decade
OUHK welcomes over 300 subsidized places in the SSSDP
More efforts and resources to enhance student support and services

An ideal place for study and collaborative work

Student Achievements

Student Support and Activities

Sponsorship and Donations

Financial awards hit three-year record high
Students explore the world through sponsored study tours


Community Healthcare Day and Jockey Club Home Health Watch Programmevideo
Tsim Tak-lung discusses the key to improving English proficiencyvideo
Meeting with Kowloon City District Councillors
Business leaders visit the OUHK
Speaking on Hong Kong cultural change with wit and charm

Academic Activities and Alliances

Associate Vice President Prof. Ip Yiu-keung
Charting out a path for the future
New Council members
New academic staff
Mainland Links

Alumni Affairs

Outstanding Alumni Sharing Series — Boss Spiritvideo
Programmes and Courses
LiPACE updates

Mapping out development plans for the next decade

In the past few years, the higher education environment in Hong Kong has undergone several substantial changes, which bring both challenges and opportunities to the OUHK. The completion of the transition to the 3-3-4 academic system in 2012, the increase in the number of self-financing degree-granting institutions, as well as the projected decrease in the number of secondary school students have all made competition in the higher education sector even more intense. Nonetheless, increased Government support for self-financing tertiary education and the growing attractiveness of Hong Kong for non-local students, particularly mainland students, for pursuing higher education, all provide new opportunities for the OUHK.

In order to uphold the University’s mission and key values, we must maintain its competitiveness by making every effort to take advantage of favourable opportunities and to overcome threats. To cope with these challenges as we move forward, the University has reviewed its 10-year plan formulated in 2008 on a rolling basis. Last year, it mapped out a new strategic plan for 2013–2022, and reaffirmed the OUHK’s direction and initiatives at the senior management retreat held in June of this year.

Silver Jubilee Retreat

The Silver Jubilee Retreat, themed ‘Future Development of OUHK’, was held on 26–28 June in Nansha Information Technology Park for the senior management.

During the 3-day retreat, members of the senior management reviewed the 10-year strategic plan and explored new initiatives to supplement the plan. A number of topics had been discussed, covering the areas of academic quality, student development, research, university image, fundraising, global and mainland strategy, and space and facilities.
By the conclusion of the retreat, action plans for the various topics discussed had been worked out and eight task forces were then formed with the DRT (direction, route and timing) for each task identified. The task forces, namely, Course Development, Student Life and Support, Enhancing Talent Management, Research, Global/Mainland Strategy, Distance Learning Strategy, Brand Building, and University Motto, will suggest specific strategies and implementation plans to achieve the goals stipulated in the 10-year plan.

Strategic Plan 2013-2022

The OUHK is among the top choices for students wishing to pursue a degree within the self-financing/private sector in Hong Kong. The University will continue to provide high-quality academic programmes, ensure the high standards of our students’ learning experience, and devote more resources to further enhance student support.

In the 10-year strategic plan, seven main strategic initiatives are formulated to attain these goals.

  1. Enhancing student support as an integral part of teaching and learning — The University wishes to enhance both academic and student support, as well as the management of its extended campus facilities through the appointment of a new Associate Vice President, the establishment of the Student Affairs Office and the inclusion of a Facilities Management Unit earlier this year.

  2. Establishing an integrated multi-modal university — The University is trying to establish a genuine multi-modal system in which students are free to choose a mixture of face-to-face and distance learning courses to complete their graduation requirements. In addition, we will further explore the development of blended learning courses.

  3. Offering more ‘alternative’ programmes — In tandem with the development of new programmes to meet the needs of mainstream students, the OUHK has also been introducing more niche programmes with the aim of extending student choice at a time of increased competition.

  4. Building up our research capabilities — The University will continue in its role as primarily a teaching institution, but will give increased encouragement and support to staff wishing to engage in research, in the recognition that research is an integral part of their academic work.

  5. Presenting more postgraduate programmes — The University will be introducing more programmes at the Master’s and Doctoral levels. Various other courses have also been proposed as additions to our already extensive list of Master’s Degree courses and Postgraduate diplomas/certificates.

  6. Extending our global presence — The University will expand its global presence through the establishment of more collaborative arrangements with overseas institutions. The new Associate Vice President will lead the University in building stronger links with external counterparts, both local and overseas.

  7. Consolidating our financial position — The University will continue to adopt the same rigorous approach to controlling our finances in the years to come, with the aim of using any surpluses to support improvements in student support and further extension of the campus.